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CNet Reviews Student 2007

CNet has a review of Microsoft Student 2007, the latest edition of Microsoft’s add-on suite for Office. The latest Student MSRPs at $69.99, thirty bucks less than Student 2006, and seems to include all the features of the previous version.

Student 2007 has:

  • Encarta Premium 2007, the reliable and widely used encyclopedia, along with full access to its website for expanded information. Encarta brings with it a dictionary, thesaurus, worldwide maps and an interactive atlas. It also includes Encarta Kids, a version which sections off information safe for younger minds.
  • Microsoft Math, which comes with a fully functioning 2D and 3D graphing calculator, an equation solver (for middle and high school pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry and common arithmetic), free online homework help, triangle solver, an equation library (125 common equations and formulas; you can type in the equation and it will solve the variable, sometimes even graphing it), and a unit conversion tool. The homework help includes more than 100 textbooks and access to Hotmath (which is normally a $50 a year subscription), solving any specific problem from the most popular classroom textbooks.
  • Foreign language help, with access to translation dictionaries for French, German, Spanish and Italion, and verb conjugation in French, German and Spanish.
  • Learning Essentials, which are templates and tutorials for Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), helping students create quality reports, apply to college, simple tutorials to get started using the software, conduct research, use charts and graphs, and a literary analysis tool. Also has templates for book reports, creative projects, oral presentations, and project brainstorming tools.

Considering that Encarta is just $20 less and has long been a part of student research, Student 2007 is an easy buy for anyone considering getting the latest Encarta. You can compare Encarta and Student here. Student requires a WIndows XP system with a 600 MHz or better processor, 256 MB of RAM, 1.5 GB hard disk space, the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or better and a DVD drive. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you won’t be able to use any features that rely on it.

In spite of the $70 suggested price, has it for $38 after a twenty dollar mail in rebate. If you don’t like rebates, you can get it at Amazon for ten dollars off the MSRP, $60. Scroll down the page and you’ll see an offer for Student and Office Student and Teacher 2003 together for $170, fifty bucks off the retail price.

Some screenshots:

Home screen:

Microsoft Math graphing calculator:

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