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Mary Jo Foley Leaves Microsoft Watch For ZDNet

Mary Jo Foley, possibly the premier blogger covering Microsoft, has jumped ship from Microsoft Watch, the blog she started and made huge, to ZDNet. Replacing her at Microsoft Watch is Peter Galli from ExtremeTech.

Mary Jo’s new blog is called All About Microsoft, at She says that the move was spurred by her belief that blogging is the future of journalism, and the need to write at a place that reflected that view. She’s done a short exit interview with Robert McLaws, where she talks about eleven years of covering Microsoft, being blacklisted by MS, and why Microsoft just “matters” more than any other technology company.

I had the opportunity to meet Mary Jo at the Ziff offices in Manhattan once, and she really seems to get this reporting thing better than most. Based purely on my impressions of the place, with its old magazines covering the walls and antiquated publishing systems, I could see the need to move to a pure digital news organization. I salute her career move, and hope that All About Microsoft becomes even more successful than Microsoft was.

You can get the feed here.

Microsoft Watch is the 755th blog in Technorati, with 3,276 links from 1,370 blogs. Best of luck to Peter, but I suspect he’ll find those shoes pretty damn hard to fill.
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A history lesson for everyone, especially TDavid, who asks:

The part of this that doesn’t make much sense is has Ms. Foley really left anything? I mean if Ziff Davis was behind Microsoft Watch, what will be that different at a ZDnet blog besides a different web address? Why doesn’t she start or or something if she really wants to go out on her own? Working for Ziff Davis is still working for Ziff Davis, yes/no?

Microsoft Watch is owned and operated by Ziff Davis Internet, the online component of Ziff Davis, the magazine publishers. However, in 1989, Ziff Davis launched ZDNet, an online set of publications complimentary to their print operation. ZDNet was acquired by CNet in 2000 during the sale of Ziff-Davis to SoftBank.

So, CNet owns ZDNet, formerly Ziff Davis Inc., which is why articles from are always reprinted on ZDnet. Microsoft Watch is owned by the publishing company Ziff Davis Media Inc., which hasn’t had a relationship with ZDNet in six years. Even more confusing than that whole Wired Magazine / Wired News thing, right?

You know who explained this all to me? Mary Jo Foley, of course.

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