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Use A Screensaver As Your Vista Desktop

Vista desktop with a wallpaper screensaver

Liyster linked in the comments to a post by Long Zheng about how to run a screensaver as your Windows Vista desktop. The post explains how the hack works, although for those who want a shortcut, there’s a simple 430kb program that automates it for you. The look of it, especially with the Aurora screensaver, is beautiful, and I’m seeing zero impact on system performance. Rumor is that there’s a reason this is so easy: Active wallpapers will be a feature in the final release of Vista. I’d love it if that rumor turned out to be true.

Here’s a video by Long of him performing the hack. I’ve uploaded it to Soapbox:

Video: Windows Vista desktop screensaver

October 11th, 2006 Posted by | General, Vista, Windows | 5 comments

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  1. This works on XP SP2

    Comment by Akujin | November 19, 2006

  2. looks cool but hides icons:(

    Comment by alex watling | December 5, 2006

  3. Mmmh… Not so light…
    22 MB memory, sound jittering.

    It’s a cool feature, and maybe not so CPU intensive. BTW it is system intensive.

    (NB : My Nvidia drivers hang after struggling for less than 10 minutes)

    Comment by Foxenesys | January 2, 2007

  4. Works fantastic on my 4400+ X2 with my Geforce 7800GT 2GBRam
    and my system is crap. Need to upgrade to those dual core 8800gtx. Actually if i could afford to sli them i just wouldn’t leave my house. It is funny though that i only play games on my 360.
    Hey, I’m wondering if the Ultimate Extras version of this will allow the icons to show through. If you know please respond.

    Comment by Zac Boyles | January 3, 2007

  5. nope it dosnt show up on ultomit >.

    Comment by vista ultomit dosnt show icons... | June 30, 2007

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