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Where Is Windows In The Movies?

From Idigit Design’s list of 50 things that only ever happen in the movies:

9. No-one, but no-one uses Microsoft Windows – everyone uses unique operating systems. All of these computer systems, however mundane, are full of animated graphics and enormous download bars in the middle of the screen

That’s a really good point. Why do you only rarely see Windows in movies? It can’t be Microsoft’s fault, can it? They wouldn’t be so stupid as to charge licensing fees for their image in films, losing a great source of product placement?

No, more likely (I hope) the movie studios want to get some of that Microsoft money, so they won’t use Windows unless MS ponies up for the product placement. Every time they do it, it distracts from the realism of the film, with fake-looking and dated operating systems, filled with UI decisions that make no sense (like giant progress bars, passwords displayed on the screen).

The solution? If Microsoft wants free product placement, it needs to create a small group that provides assets to movie studios, working for free as consultants to films to ensure their computer systems look real. The group could create futuristic versions of Windows for future films, easy-to-work-with mockups of every previous version of Windows for all contemporary films, and advise filmmakers when their decisions will clash with the audiences expectations of an operating system.

I find it ridiculous when I see horribly fake products in movies and on TV. On Veronica Mars, Veronica may use a Mac (Apple is really good about getting their products out there, as is Dell), but the search engine she prominently uses is “Planet Zowie”. Really? This girl is supposed to be incredibly smart, but she uses Planet Zowie, and not any one of the major search engines? I hope she knows what she’s doing…

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December 5th, 2006 Posted by | General, Humor, Windows | 4 comments

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  1. Interesting observation because I notice a ton of Windows usage in TV shows.

    Comment by Devin | December 5, 2006

  2. Movie “The Island” has an awesome Microsoft commercial of MSN Search.
    Movie Firewall advertizes Windows Live Local (Live Maps now).

    Comment by Roma | December 5, 2006

  3. I always can’t help but notice these fake Googles, where Google’s interface has just been inverted and the logo changed. I don’t care either way (I’m not too fond of product placement, it’s unGooglish), but for Microsoft/movie studios this could be a good idea.

    I recently read an old version of KDE, the Linux Desktop Environment was used in an episode of 24, iirc. I think it was somewhere on

    Comment by Tim | December 6, 2006

  4. [...] but it turns out the filmmakers actually worked with Microsoft to create futuristic versions of then-current products, like MSN Search and [...]

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