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Copy YouTube and Google Videos in IE

There’s a new useful plugin for Internet Explorer called Zunemytube, which lets you download Google Video and YouTube videos, converts them to WMV format, and deposits them in your My Videos folder for quick syncing to a Zune or other Windows Media compatible device. It’s designed to make Zune life easier, but will work just fine with anything that plays WMV. This is very useful, not just for YouTube (which has no sanctioned method of downloading videos), but also Google Video, which seems oddly convinced that people only watch video on iPods.

Oh, yeah, it’ll work fine for sharing videos to an Xbox 360 (at low quality, natch), if you’ve got Windows Media Connect/WMP11 properly set up.
(via Lifehacker)

January 4th, 2007 Posted by | Applications, General, Google, Media Player, Windows Media, Zune | 3 comments

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  1. Google Video provides downloads for the PlayStation Portable as well, as far as I know. Besides, is the Zune big enough to warrant their own option? I see no reason for Google to actually go out of their way to CREATE Microsoft’s market share. I actually consider it more Microsoft’s job to make sure they accept a VERY common video file format: MPEG-4, preferably as much of the standard as possible.

    I’m not even sure how Google would go about encoding to WMV. Wouldn’t they have to reverse-engineer the entire file format? Or would Microsoft be willing to provide Google with tools to encode WMV on their Red Hat Linux servers (if they didn’t change that, anyway)? I’m not aware of any existing tools to encode to ASF/WMV using Linux anyway.

    Comment by Tim | January 4, 2007

  2. It’s not Zune that’s really the issue for me, but WMV. Between WMV and MP4, you cover almost the full range of products on the market. By only outputting MP4, Google is basically saying only the iPod and PSP (and a small number of other video players) matter, and leaving out every Windows Media-supporting device.

    Oh, and PSP support is the same as iPod support, so Google threw that in just for the hell of it.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | January 6, 2007

  3. Fair enough. Even though after reading your recent posts, it appears Microsoft is betting on content even more heavily now, and you just KNOW that’s all about DRM. I want HEAVY competition for Microsoft, and I want them to lose as much money as they possibly can doing it. Not because I hate Microsoft in general – I still think XP is great. It’s because I don’t want people to think DRM is normal, and I don’t want Microsoft to end up with the de facto DRM for everything from e-mail to content to sliced bread.

    If that means Google will have to keep themselves from offering .wmv, I’m 200% for it. Yes, yes, I know “not all WMV has DRM” and all that stuff, I just want Microsoft gone EVERYWHERE in the entertainment/content market until they STOP DOING ANY DRM.

    Microsoft’s recent behavior is only opposing me more against DRM. For crying out loud, I’m trying to switch to Linux just because I don’t want an operating system that has a “protected video path”. I do NOT want to be able to play ANY DRMed high-definition content, unless the DRM is cracked completely, like with DVDs.

    I’m sorry to sound like such a Linux zealot, or something similar, but this really worries me. Now we’re going from vendor lock in 1 (Microsoft Office before OpenOffice was any good) to vendor lock in 2 (uh oh, all your content is DRMed. Are you sure you want to move over to Linux?).

    I am so angry right now.

    Oh, one last remark: the iPod and PSP options used to be separate, with different encoder options. They probably merged it so they’d have to do less encodes, while creating files compatible for both devices. I wouldn’t say Google added PSP support for the hell of it, considering what I just said.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Comment by Tim | January 8, 2007

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