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Microsoft Marketing Monday Melee

What? I like alliteration, even if I have to been inaccurate. I swear, if anyone tells me it isn’t Monday, I’ll homeboard their ass. But more on that in a few paragraphs…

Let’s take a look at some marketing stuff, by and related to Microsoft:

Microsoft has put out press releases saying Windows Vista will generate $7 billion in new IT revenue for New York State in 2007, as well as $2.5 billion for New Jersey. I wonder how many people feel about these studies linking Microsoft software to new revenue. Do they actually prove anything, and do corporations make their purchasing decisions based on them?

Also, Apple’s got some new “Get A Mac” ads. Everyone already has their feelings on these, so lets just let ‘em roll:

If you want to talk Microsoft marketing campaigns (and you do, as I’ve decided!), here’s the site for the Belgian launch of Windows Vista. According to Miel, they’re renting out the Atomium, a gigantic atom-shaped structure, filling each sub-atomic particle with a different look at Microsoft stuff, including gaming, photo/video editing, Office 2007, TV and movies, and VIP lounge. Take a look at the picture of the Atomium, because if there were a geek heaven, that’s what god’s house would look like.

Miel’s got another post on an Xbox 360 campaign centered on “homeboarding”, which apparently involves snowboarding around your house. It’s such a stupid idea, it’s hilarious, and reminds me of my own recent pastime: Slipping on your dog’s bed and painfully fracturing your ankle (if you have to, ask). Anyway, Microsoft wants you to send in your homeboarding videos, because the best Belgian entries will get some cool prizes. Miel says if you enter, but are not from Belgium, you can post in his comments and he’ll pick a non-Belgian prize winner, too. I might just have to enter.

Here’s the promo video, which shows you what homeboarding is all about:

Video: Homeboarding season is open!

Wicked, man!

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