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Microsoft Prepping “Family Pack” Discount For Vista

Word is coming down that Microsoft is planning a cool Windows Vista Ultimate perk: Extra copies of Windows at a good discount. Here’s the deal: If you have Windows Vista Ultimate, you can take the Ultimate DVD and put it into two more computers and get Windows Vista Home Premium for a significantly reduced price, either $50 or $100 (down from $160 for an upgrade and $240 for the full version).

This is a pretty cool perk, and most of the online commentary is missing the point: If you buy a brand new Windows Vista PC with Vista Ultimate installed, you can then upgrade the computers you already have, on the cheap and without a trip to the store, thanks to your new PC. Given the savings, it’s a good deal for buyers, and a good perk that will encourage people to buy Ultimate.

It’s worth noting: Three copies of Home Premium total out to $720, while Ultimate + $100/200 is $500/600, making the Ultimate + 2 Premium bundle cheaper than buying three copies of Home Premium, and you get Ultimate for the third copy. Right off the bat, if you need Vista on 3 PCs, this is a good option.

January 17th, 2007 Posted by | General, Vista, Windows | one comment

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  1. The only people who think this is a good deal from our buddyBilly r those who got their facts twisted. First – you need to buy a full version of Ultimate – OEM and bundled with system R OUT! Second – you can get 3 OEM full versions of Ultimate for just over $600. Third – The cost fo Ultimate with 3 full installation Keys should be $400 to have started with- after all this is qan operating system not the damn computer, yes they invested in R & D – most of which was feed back of bugs and security problems their customers provided and in recognition of this They skin those same customers on the price – quite a few of those who won’t be able to afford the same product their support created. Fourth- MS will keep doing these superficial face lifts of windows while corrrecting flaws in their original programming while charging ridiculous prices UNTIL YOU DUMB ASSES QUITE SUPPORTING IT– Money talks and BS walks – MS will Listen when it can not afford to Pay Billy 7 milllion a year!!!! and only that flock of sheep who religously turns over their hard earned money to MS can fix that – STOP BUYING THEIR SOFTWARE TILL THEY GET REAL

    Comment by Harry J. Kostomiris | February 3, 2007

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