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New Vanishing Point Clues Shown On Famous Structures

This is the third week of Microsoft’s Vanishing Point game, which will ultimately send one contestant into space, and each week is begun with a big event showing off the clues to that week’s puzzles. The first week was a video shown in the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, then sky-writing above multiple cities, and this week it involved projections on famous structures around the world. Clues were shown on:

  • The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco
  • The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
  • The National Gallery in London
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
  • The Victoria Theater in Singapore

Take a look at these pictures, which are all just really cool:

Here’s the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, by quik boy on Flickr:

Here’s the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, by quik boy on Flickr:

Here’s the National Gallery of London, by quik boy on Flickr:

Here’s the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall in Singapore, by quik boy on Flickr:

Here’s the Palace of Fine Arts in SF, by ue06 on Flickr:

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