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Windows XP Gets Life Extension

Microsoft has announced that extended support for Windows XP Home will be extended five extra years, reaching all the way to April 2014. Previously, Windows XP would have been end-of-life’d in April 2009, as designated two years after the release of Windows Vista, but Microsoft recognized that in two years, many people will still be running XP. Even the 2009 date was an extension, as XP Home was originally going to be put to bed late last year, but the late release of Windows Vista forced many timetables to be shifted.

Bonus items:

Microsoft has released an add-in for Windows XP and Vista that allows you to edit rich photo metadata. Microsoft Photo Info, a free download requiring Windows Validation, gives you access to all sorts of standard metadata within Windows Explorer, letting you edit the info for photos, collections of photos, generate copyright notices, view and edit EXIF data, enhanced preview and hover tips, and adds more sortable columns to Windows Explorer.
(via Lifehacker)

Check out this video, a demonstration of a really cool desktop metaphor/user interface for computer, via Digg:

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