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T-Mobile Support On The MDA Getting Windows Mobile 6

I just spoke with T-Mobile support, and the lady on the MDA support line tells me that T-Mobile should be offering a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for T-Mobile MDA owners. According to her, while not able to show anything specific yet about the MDA, T-Mobile always, as a policy, passes on manufacturer updates to the customer, and always does it for free, so there should not be a problem.

I’ll say this: If Windows Mobile 6 were not offered to MDA owners, that would be a break from their previous actions, and would not be received well by T-Mobile customers. I have two T-Mobile Windows Mobile phones, both bought six months ago, both currently for sale on for $150-400, and both released one year ago this month, and if T-Mobile doesn’t support them with industry standard upgrades in their first year of life (even at a price, I don’t mind that), then there will be hell to pay.

Me and my wife have been T-Mobile customers for over four years, and are only 6 months into a two-year contract. Screw me with a phone I can’t upgrade, in the first six months, and you lose a customer. I won’t waste my time with a company that doesn’t support its phones. If the woman on phone is right, I have nothing to worry about, but I’ll say this: If the phone was bought at the beginning of a current contract, the company should be obligated to support it, and if they don’t, no matter what company you are dealing with, you should not sit back and allow them to screw you like that.

Demand Windows Mobile 6. Call your carrier every single day (support calls don’t waste minutes). Make them give you an answer, and if they give you the wrong answer, make them pay for it. Make them lower your bill, give you free services, or even let you buy a new Windows Mobile 6 phone at a greatly reduced price. Don’t let T-Mobile/Verizon/Cingular or whoever else get away with ignoring their customers. Windows Mobile 6 is a required upgrade, as far as carriers should be concerned, and it is negligience if they do not offer it.

February 12th, 2007 Posted by | General, Windows Mobile | 62 comments

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  1. I bought my MDA the day the MDA came out and just updated to OS version last night. Why didn’t I do this sooner since the update came out last summer!!! My wife got an new MDA two months ago and it was sold to her with the original OS. Why wouldn’t a new MDA have version, especially since that version came out last summer? I thought that was really sad for T-Mobile to sell an phone with the old OS. I am curious how T-Mobile even notifies a customer about the new OS? I just happened upon it at the website. I see nothing on the My T-Mobile website.

    Comment by Tim Taricco | February 12, 2007

  2. You can’t imagine how many sites I have gone to and forums I have joined just to get a straight answer on WM6 for my MDA.
    I still don’t know how I am going to find out where to get this update.

    You wouldn’t believe how glad I was to see someone else asking the same question. I was beginning to think it was a dumb question.

    As far as the firmware upgrade referred to ( I had all kinds of problems before I installed it. It wouldn’t sync, I couldn’t get it to connect to my WiFi network, Active Sync did not find the device, you name it.

    Let’s keep pounding this drum.

    Comment by Bill | February 14, 2007

  3. Hi guys, regarding connecting to Wi-Fi… I am also having difficulties. I did upgrade to the latest MDA version. I have a cable modem (dynamic IP) with WEP encryption – not sure if this has anything to do with it. At times I do seem to catch the connection and it works. Then I loose it. I see no logic there. I have 2 laptops on the same wireless router (D-Link DI-514) and they both work fine….
    Any suggestions? Do I need to change settings on my router?

    Comment by Alex | February 15, 2007

  4. Seriously. This is an OS upgrade. Full version upgrade. From Microsoft, NOT T-Mobile. As slim as an upgrade it may be and not offering much feature-wise, it’s still a full version upgrade. T-Mobile is not responsible for giving it to us free. Firmware updates, sure, but OS upgrades, no.
    Even if I were excited about WM6, I’d still expect to pay something for it and not place the responsibility on T-Mobile. My MDA works just fine the way it is now.

    Comment by Jon | February 15, 2007

  5. Jon, this upgrade may be BY Microsoft, but it does not come FROM Microsoft. T-Mobile has the responsibility, the only responsibility, to release the upgrade. I don’t care if it is free or costs $100, I just want them to offer it, and they owe it to their customers to do so.

    If Mobile 6 was available in stores, I wouldn’t care, but it’s only available through phone manufacturers, and that makes it their responsibility.

    The MDA was released February 20, 2006, not even a year ago, and I bought mine in July 2006. If T-Mobile won’t support their phones for the length of a standard contract, then I won’t be signing another contract with T-Mobile when mine runs out.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | February 16, 2007

  6. Where is it stated, that:

    - TMobile (or any carrier) has the sole responsibility to release OS upgrades
    - Tmobile (or any carrier) owes a major OS upgrade to you.

    Thats like saying PC manufacturers owe you a free upgrade to Vista. Its an asenine assumption. Of course they will try to get you to just upgrade your phone instead, there is NO business upside for giving you free upgrades.

    You saying you are going to not renew a contract is your own decision. But its a dumb one. Its like me demanding an upgrade on my Acura to the latest model year, or threatening “not to buy one again”. Theyd tell me to have a nice day….

    Comment by bsic | February 18, 2007

  7. Hola tengo una BB de T-movile y me genera error 250 y se me apaga pense que era cuestion de bateria pero probe con otra y el problema persite me podrian ayudar

    Comment by ERROR 250 | February 19, 2007

  8. I don’t care if it is free. I don’t mind paying for it. Where did I say I expected the upgrade to be free?

    You seem to be missing the point: Even though Windows Mobile 6 exists, I can’t install it on my phone unless the manufacturer of my phone provides or sells it to me. That makes it T-Mobile’s responsibility to provide me with firmware updates as a simple matter of course in supporting products they sell.

    There are several business incentives to provide the update, including customer support, making money by selling the upgrade, providing more services with the upgrade that make them money, and that sort of thing.

    The upgrade to Windows Mobile is not like getting a new car, it’s like getting a tune-up on a car that is on a lease. I may not get to demand a free tune-up, but I have the right to pay for one. If Acura tells me I can’t get a tune-up except at one of their shops, and none of their shops give tune-ups for my car, that’s despicable, and that’s what we might be dealing with here.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | February 21, 2007

  9. Alex,

    Turn off QOS. That is what I had to do with my Belkin to get connected.

    Comment by Rob | February 22, 2007

  10. I dont think they OWE us anything. It is NOT the same as expecting a dealership to give you a tune up. This is NOT a maintenance release, it is an OS upgrade to a major new version (at least how microsoft is marketing it).

    The year after i bought my acura they upgraded two things:

    Comment by bsic | February 23, 2007

  11. Two things:

    a) new direct iPod integration
    b) new navigation system which includes realtime traffic.

    Did i go to the dealership and demand that they offer me this also on my ’05? No. When you buy technology, you need to assume that it may be out of date tommorow. Not get angry at the company that sold it to you and threaten to take your business elsewhere. Lets get real here.

    Comment by bsic | February 23, 2007

  12. You just don’t understand. When it comes to software, all software, someone is responsible for support. In the agreement between Microsoft and phone manufacturers, the manufacturer is responsible for providing software updates, including operating system upgrades. All PDA manufacturers provide this support some better than others.

    If T-Mobile does not offer this upgrade that puts them at the bottom of the list. Companies that do offer the upgrade are providing better support for their customers. Why would I want to remain a customer of that company?

    As for the car analogy, it probably doesn’t work, which is why we shouldn’t be using it. However, I will say this: If your car had an operating system, and that operating system had an available upgrade, and that upgrade would work on your car, and that upgrade would cost the car company $12, and that upgrade could be sold to your for $100, and they didn’t offer it, you’d be pissed off. They have no incentive not to offer the upgrade, except because they don’t care about their customers.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | February 24, 2007

  13. Wow! I certainly get your point, but I respectfully disagree. There is no guarantee that 6.0 will work reliably on the MDA you purchased with version 5. I don’t see any reason for T-Mobile to withhold the upgrade if they are certain it will not cause problems, but to insist that you are entitled to the upgrade?

    Really now, you are entitled to what you have agreed to and that is in the accepted agreement. I have not looked at mine closely, but I am almost certain it won’t say that I am entitled to the WM6 upgrade.

    Good luck with your MDA and all of your entitlement.

    Comment by Brian | February 28, 2007

  14. While they are not required to, not doing so would show how little they care for their customers. I payed $350 for my I MDA under a year ago, and Windows Mobile isn’t readily available from any other place aside from carriers. MS doesn’t offer the download anywhere, and you can’t buy it anywhere. In other words where would I get the update? If I’m not mistaken in some disclaimer I’ve read it says that carriers are responsible for the distribution of software updates. While MS are the ones that make them, it’s the carriers job to distribute them.

    Anyways bottom line it’s in a carriers best interest to keep customers happy, they already have the license for WM6, sure they can sucker a few people to upgrade their devices and extend their contract for 2 more years, but there’s many people that would be seriously put off by this. Withing 2 months of buying my MDA I installed a custom rom (OS) and have never depended on T-Mobile for software updates. Hell I’m already running WM6 on my device, which works quite well I might add, but not everyone is as adventurous as I am. In those peoples cases it’s T-Mobiles job to help them have their phones working as best as possible. Those of you that claim that your devices are working fine, have no idea just how well an MDA can run, and if you are content with buying a $400 phone every 2 years, don’t suppose everyone is in the same boat.

    Comment by Manny | March 2, 2007

  15. You are partly correct.

    -MS makes the updates.

    -the MANUFACTURER needs to prepare the update for each phone individually– its not a “hit the install button” thing as given from microsoft.

    -Manufacturer passes to the wireless carrier for distribution.

    Right now HTC has not confirmed if it will even supply cingular/tmobile/etc with WM6 updates. if they dont do that, you cannot get mad at the carriers for it. They cannot distribute something they dont have.

    Comment by bsic | March 2, 2007

  16. The MDA can’t pass by the memory requirements for WM6. The installer currently out is what 53MB. Well it comes with only 64MB, and you can get a expandable card. But even then it would run so sluggish even if you were to manage to get it on the MDA. The only way to get WM6 would be to upgrade your phone. So yea you are more than entitled to get WM6. You are just going to have to pay anywhere from $300-$600 for a phone that has it.

    Comment by tdhmtutsrup | March 2, 2007

  17. Well I see what your saying bsic, I forgot about HTC for a moment. Still though HTC has already done it or apparently is planning on doing it since as I said, I already am running a beta. Oh and tdhmtutsrup I can assure you the rom I currently am running runs faster then any carrier rom I’ve tried, and I’ve tried all of T-Mobile’s and a few of cingular’s. After install I had 47.46MB total on board memory, I’m using 10.76MB (with like 2 – 3 apps installed to the onboard mem) and I have about 36.71MB free. I don’t remember exactly what I had when I had WM5, but it should have been pretty similar, if not, identical to that.

    Comment by Manny | March 4, 2007

  18. Brian: I don’t feel entitled to updates, I feel like T-Mobile should show it cares about its customers, by at least trying to release an update. If they have a good reason not to, and explain that to us customers, that will be enough for me, but if they feel they can just ignore supporting current users, then they are just another company that cares more about obtaining new customers than retaining current ones, and I do not give my business to those sort of companies.

    bsic: The MDA is a special situation, because, while HTC makes the phone, the phone is sold as a T-Mobile manufactured phone, with T-Mobile providing 100% of all support, not HTC. That means if other companies who have released HTC Wizard-based devices, of which the MDA is one (like Cingular and I-Mate), release Windows Mobile 6 updates, and T-Mobile doesn’t, then they care less about support than the other companies do. Gee, wouldn’t I want to go with one of those other companies instead? Damn right!

    tdhmtutsrup: You are wrong. Whatever “installer” you have seen must be some downloadable leaked copy. The system requirements for Windows Mobile 6 are the same as they are for 5.0: 32 MB Flash ROM and 32 MB RAM. I agree, though, that it may run slower than 5.0 on the same processor, especially the slower processor on the MDA, but I’d like the opportunity to see for myself.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 4, 2007

  19. It is not sold as a T-Mobile manufactured phone. Its sold as a T-Mobile *rebranded* phone. Gigantic difference.

    Bottom line is Tmobile doesnt MAKE the PHONE, HTC does. And they are responsible for technical updates for it. This is the way it has happened with the MDA and 8525 in the past.

    Sorry, still cant blame t-mobile just yet.

    Comment by bsic | March 4, 2007

  20. Just to let everyone know I just called t-mobile.. The dash is the ONLY tmobile phone that SUPPORTS windows mobile 6… In other words, you can take your mda to bill gates and mobile 6 will NOT work… its like tryin to put windows on your mac. Something in the phone makes the os not able to be upgraded… Sorry people

    Comment by jay | March 5, 2007

  21. I don’t buy that Jay, the MDA and the DASH are basically the same thing, the only difference is the case. Aside from that they have the same RAM (64MB), ROM (128MB), CPU (Texas Instruments @ 200MHZ), work on the same bands, same camera (Not that it has to do anything to do with anything). Again the only difference is the case, though I could be wrong about that. In other words what they are saying is that XP is compatible on a desktop with a P4 @ 1.5ghz with 512MB RAM, but it’s not compatible on a notebook with a P4 @ 1.5ghz with 512MB RAM. Either the rep didn’t know what he was talking about and said the first thing that came to mind to not answer anymore questions, or T-Mobile, HTC or whoever doesn’t want to release WM6 which in turn brings us back to the topic.

    After reading some opinions here, I’ve realize that we can’t do anything about it. We obviously can’t get on HTC’s case since we have no business with them, T-Mobile will probably stick to their not compatible argument and if forced enough they will probably dump the blame on HTC which in turn is going to dump it back on T-Mobile……. not worth all the hassle.

    I would love to see a WM6 final released for the MDA, I still stick by my argument that the BETA runs much faster then ANY official carrier rom. My MDA stays on without resets for 3 – 4 days and I still have 15MB of free RAM (for apps) when I had the official T-Mobile 2.26 rom after one day of normal use I had to reset my phone or else it would start acting all jerky at first until it would finally freeze up.

    Comment by Manny | March 6, 2007

  22. All updates come from T-Mobile. All support comes from T-Mobile. They do not manufacture the phone, but they have the support status of “manufacturer”, and all the responsibility that comes with it. If HTC issues an OS update, it will not run on locked T-Mobile MDA phones. T-Mobile needs to release it.

    And Jay, people are already running Windows Mobile 6 on their MDAs. I just want an official ROM, since to do it now, I have to illegally unlock my phone, risk breaking it, void my warranty, and take all sorts of other risks.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 6, 2007

  23. From:

    Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 Today
    Posted: 5:34 pm
    February 18th, 2007 Microsoft, Gadgets

    Just finished upgrading my T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard) to Windows Mobile 6 (PDA Viet 4 rom) a few minutes ago. I’ve used the device less than ten minutes and I already absolutely love the new OS. I’ll do a video screencast later but suffice to say they have really put in a lot of work. The first time I got to play around with WM6 was during checkin at Mandalay Bay when I was speaking at Exchange Connections, one of the developers let me check it out on his device. And today, through the power of pirating community, I too have a WM6 device.

    First glance: Improved device setup.

    Upon startup, Windows Mobile 6 prompts you to setup the device, security and email. This used to take a bit of an effort before but Windows Mobile 6 makes it seamless by guiding you through the process. Calibration of the stylus is identical to WM5 but the next screen is a bit different. Instead of setting just the time zone (and then spending 2 minutes going around control panels to setup time and date) both time, date and time zone are put on the same screen. Password enabling is easy as well. The final step is E-Mail Setup

    First glance: E-mail setup

    You’re given an option of corporate Exchange server or other source, such as POP3/IMAP. Exchange server setup is seamless and has far more features. For example, you can sync all the usual items, but you have additional options with email – sync 20K, 50K, all text (no images) in addition to the previous offerings. You also have the ability to send HTML emails and further annoy your friends with oversized signature blocks

    First glance: The coolest feature

    By far the coolest Windows Mobile 6 feature and perhaps the #1 reason to take a chance: Encryption. Windows Mobile 6 allows you to encrypt storage cards. Ever since Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 and AKU2 we’ve been able to remotely wipe PocketPC devices – but with Windows Mobile 6 we can go a step further and encrypt storage cards. This way only the device can access the storage card and the device can be remotely wiped. How’s that for improvement?

    Comment by Ciscom | March 6, 2007

  24. WM6 will not run on the MDA! Oh wait, here’s Microsoft doing it themselves. Nevermind. :D

    Comment by Braden | March 9, 2007

  25. Microsoft is passing the update and the license for WM6 to the carriers for free.

    Comment by David Osborn | April 3, 2007

  26. I just received official word from technical support at T-Mobile: T-Mobile WILL, I repeat, WILL be offering a Windows Mobile 6 update for the MDA. They are working on that update now, and a release date has not been set, but you can check back at to see if the update has been released yet. Yay!

    Comment by Dr. Evil | April 6, 2007

  27. I just found the MDA Windows Mobile upgrade link: from the HTC MDA Support page.

    Just downloaded the new ROM, but as I am not ready to completely erase my phone yet, I have not installed. I will report back soon with my progress, and hopefully some MDA screenshots ;)

    Thank you to all in this thread!

    Comment by pixelchutes | April 10, 2007

  28. After I spoke to T-Mobile yesterday, the man in MDA support told me the MDA WM6 upgrade would be available when Microsoft gave them permission to begin upgrading.

    Comment by Frank White | April 11, 2007

  29. pixelchutes, the upgrade currently available from T-Mobile was released in June 2006. It is totally worth the upgrade from the version originally installed on the MDA. I got my MDA the day they became available, but my wife got one 4 months ago and that “new” phone shipped with the old software. I immediately installed the June 2006 version.

    Comment by Tim Taricco | April 11, 2007

  30. Pixelchutes: The link you are pointing to is for the 2.26 WM5 update that was released last July, NOT the WM6 update. Check the date on the file download page. I suggest you wait until WM6 is released.

    Frank: I’ve been running WM6 for a week now on my MDA. No official release out yet, but WM6 has been leaked in other places. I’m having some issues with software not exactly working the best with WM6; I’m guessing those bugs will get worked out over time with new application updates. YMMV. Nice to hear that someone else has verified the impending update, though.

    Comment by Dr. Evil | April 11, 2007

  31. Hi all, Just an update on T-Mobile’s MDA service. After speaking with the PDA dept’, they have informed me that the MDA has been discontinued, and they will be releasing a newer version of the MDA sometime within the next month or 2. Currently the only T-Mobile phone supporting an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 is the T-Mobile Dash. However, the dash does not offer touch screen. If you love the MDA like I do, you’d do best to wait for the next generation of it instead.


    Comment by Glover George | April 18, 2007

  32. Where are people getting the WM6 software from?

    Comment by nitin | April 18, 2007

  33. “Where are people getting the WM6 software from?”

    Read, Read, Read first or you will brick your mda.

    I recommend faria(the real thing) rom.

    Comment by lunchboxrts | April 21, 2007

  34. how to upgrade t-mobile mda II from windows mobile 2003 to 5 or 6

    Comment by mda II | April 22, 2007

  35. This is a total farce. The MDA is going to be replaced in this summer. Check it out at It is going to be T-Mobile Wing and will have pretty much the same guts as the previous but with Windows Mobile 6.0. I just called today and this was confirmed that an entire new phone with be coming out and with be in the same price range 249.99 with 2 year contract. I wish T-mobile would put a harddrive in their phone this comes with 64mb video ram and 128 rom split 1/2 and 1/2. that is all the specs that I have.


    Comment by MDA FREEK | April 22, 2007

  36. Hi there, this is T-Mobile related so I hope you’ll forgive me for sticking it in here as I cannot find an answer elsewhere and I’m desperate. I have a T-Mobile MDA and ActiveSynch said I must install Windows Media 10 to download music etc from laptop to MDA but the WM 10 cannot detect the devise despite ActiveSynch activated on the desktop, what am I doing wrong. cheers Larry

    Comment by Larry | April 27, 2007

  37. MDA Freek HTC also makes the P4350, which is the same as the wizard except for maybe the camera which is 2.0 megapixels and the CPU is running @201mhz and they have been making that for a while already, and it runs WM5. If they had their UMTS/3G network more wide spread we would probably be getting the TyTN like cingular has. I refuse to pay for that device since it doesn’t bring anything new to the table; much like I wouldn’t even consider the DASH because it has the same specs as the MDA. However, I think cingular announced which devices of theirs would get the WM6 update and their counterpart for the MDA isn’t getting it, so I am right now doubting that T-Mobile will really release the update; although, I hope I’m wrong.

    Glover George are you sure the Dash doesn’t have a touch-screen? last time I checked it did have it, hence why it’s considered a PDA phone not a smartphone (think motorolla mpx200)

    Larry go to and as someone else already mentioned read you will find most, if not all, answers there.

    Comment by Manny | April 29, 2007

  38. Manny, the Dash is a Smartphone; no touch screen. I considered it when it came out, but since it was a Samartphone, i.e. no editing capabilities of Word docs, I went with the MDA instead.

    Comment by Tim Taricco | April 30, 2007

  39. T-Mobile USA announced that T-Mobile Dash customers will be the first in the U.S. to download and experience the benefits of the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 software.

    Starting May 4, T-Mobile Dash customers can upgrade from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6 via a free desktop download available directly from T-Mobile.

    Comment by Tim Taricco | May 7, 2007

  40. I have just spoken the t-mobile UK, and they said an update would be made available for download in June of this years…fingers crossed, my MDA Vario will be WM6 by end of June then!

    Comment by Andy | May 16, 2007

  41. i have a mda and i called t-mobile mda department they told me you can’t download nothing but video, picture and ringtone with window 5.0 you can’t no download game, themes or programs i thing it suckes we payed 3 to 4 hundreds for this phone and you can’t download nothing they have upgrade the window to 6.0

    Comment by mda man | May 18, 2007

  42. i contacted t-mobile customer care through email and was told yesterday in a reply that Windows Mobile 6 will –>NOT

    Comment by Zach | May 22, 2007

  43. my last message appears to be cutoff. MDA will not be updated to windows mobile 6 according to customer service.

    Comment by Zach | May 22, 2007

  44. would anyone who owns t-mobile mda let me use their telephone number for downloading uploda of windows mobile 6 from t-mobile website as i recived a phone from a frirnd which did not use it any more but his number expired?
    Many thanks
    please email me

    Comment by Adam | May 22, 2007

  45. I’m sorry but there is no reason why they should provide a new OS for an old phone. Security updates, patches yes but not a new OS. Nokia as far a I know has never upgraded older phones with newer OS’ and neither have Motorola or sony Ericson other than with updates. Windows mobile 5 is highly compatible with a large number of apps.
    compare that to the Nokia s60 phones where newer models were release with version 3 firware that was not backward compatible and apps such as TOMTOM 6 wouldn’t run on any phone less than a s60 v3 firmware.
    Supported doesn’t mean its going to be the latest OS just that if you have a problem they can fix it with a patch.

    Comment by James | May 23, 2007

  46. Tim Taricco really? wow! I could have sworn I saw my someone pocking it’s screen. Frankly the thing looked so damn ugly to me I didn’t bother much, in any case I stand corrected :p

    So because others don’t do it they shouldn’t do it? it will only take a few operators to support their phones in these way in order for the other ones to follow suit, and in the end the ones who would be benefited would be us, the consumers. I could understand if the phone wasn’t capable of running WM6, that would be understandable, but simply because they want us to buy the t-mobile wing? Well they’re in their right to do that, but it’s definitely not right to do so.

    Comment by Manny | June 4, 2007

  47. Hey guys, you guys seem to know what you are talking about.. But I have a question that is a bit off topic.. I just want to know if there is any software or firmware or ANYware (lol) where i can find a GPS for my MDA.. I want something like what blackberry has and i been looking for something like that, but have no luck finding it.. Will any of you guys know where I can find such a thing?

    Comment by Ramon | June 7, 2007

  48. definitely agree with Manny on that. We are the consumers and paid quite a pretty penny for the MDA. Yea maybe it’s not extremely expensive but we “the consumers” want the best our phones do. if the MDA runs WM6 why not make a large portion of your consumers want to stay with your company by giving out an update to it…

    Comment by Peter | June 10, 2007

  49. I understand that T-mobile does not have to honour an old phone. But the MDA just came out last year. Why within a year should I not expect some kind of upgrade especially with a major upgrade like WM6.0. It is possible it may make the MDA slower, but I hear that it actually closes the programs, so that should help a lot.
    T-Mobile is not even considering giving us a break on the new phone. I really like my MDA and I am very reluctant to change it. I am not geek, but I am also not a novice. I really don’t want to go through all the changes necessary to get WM6.0 on my MDA, just to keep it, and not have support.
    HTC is offering an upgrade for the 8525, so I am moving to AT&T just to stick it to T-Mobile. They may find my move insignificant, but I will be out of a company that does not even appreciate the fact that I have been with them for over 5 years. Plus, I have 2 other phones on T-Mobile and they are moving with me.

    Comment by Sim1 | June 11, 2007

  50. I am just fed up with T-mobile, THEY SUCK, the internet is only 120 kbps and cost 30$ where sprint is 600 kbps and is only 15$ service is shit in NJ, and they don’t even have wm6 for their phones updates

    Comment by Madman | June 18, 2007

  51. T-Mobile will not offer WM6, because they want you to purchase the new phone. I’m cancelling my contract early, it’s all principal to me, they can afford to loose customers.

    Comment by Golde4u | June 20, 2007

  52. In all honesty I think t-mobile has the best plans out there, but their hardware support and choices are maybe the worst. I know a few people who have left for these reasons, and know even more who want to leave, but like me are reluctant to switch because my circle of friends is made up of t-mobile customers aside from 1 verizon, and like 2 sprint.

    @Ramon, the mda doesn’t have built in GPS, so you won’t be able to get it working without buying a separate bluetooth GPS. If your willing to buy it and the software there’s a registry setting that will show a GPS option under start/settings/connections. I don’t know it of the top of my head, but I think it’s HKLM/ControlPanel/GPS/ in that key make a dword entry called “group” and give it a value of 2 I think. If you didn’t get what I just said, then once again I refer you to or howardforums and do some reading.

    Comment by Manny | June 21, 2007

  53. 6/30/07 — I haven’t followed this thread, but just found it today, after I spoke to tmobile’s PDA group. I got the same answer so many of you got: T-mobile will not be offering W6 for MDA — “You need to get a newer phone”. I told them I thought that was some real marketing bullshit, and comments very similar to what I read above. Tmob guy said same thing as told to others: “It’s HTC’s decision, not ours”… I told them “oh, and t-mobile does not have a significant business relationshyip with HTC to urge them to make it avial for MDA?” .. Again, similar to above, i was told “you have older technology”… which made me as miffed as others here.

    Anyway, after getting off phone, i searched for HTC Windows Mobile MDA and found this thred. On it someone says they spoke to HTC today and that a version for MDA will be available from HTC in August. But that’s simply coming from a commenter, but it’s on the HTC wiki, here:

    Comment by rhfactor | July 1, 2007

  54. You guys are pathetic. The upgrade for the MDA has been available for months.

    Comment by T-Mobile Guy | July 11, 2007

  55. Sorry to burst your bubble “T-Mobile Guy”, but you are *dead* wrong. The link you provided is for the latest Win Mobile 5 software for the mda, not WinMobile 6. The link will upgrade Dash to WinMobile 6, but not the mda. Look closer next time!!!

    Comment by Rsj | July 14, 2007

  56. Yes T-Mobile Guy- and I’m upset at T-Mobile- they did reply to me today and they only say to get the DASH- or the new MDA device- So dumb that now with all the competition out there they just slip this on on people- some of my friends purchased the MDA only 5 months ago- and the DASH? I didn’t buy that in the first place because I don’t like it- and if they can offer wm6 for the mda users I don’t see why they don’t do it- I’m done with them… their internet is slow anyway. So sad because I like the mda… they are dumb!!!

    Comment by omar | July 18, 2007

  57. 1. The MDA update/upgrade at t-mobile is merely an update for version 5.0 of Windows Mobile.
    2. There are reportedly several custom/bandit copies of WM6 that have appeared and disappeared (or asked to be removed) from the web. Some of the ‘doners’ supposedly have worked on the software and tried to offer a customized version to those who could handle the install process.
    3. Numerous persons have appeared on the net requesting from Microsoft,HTC,and Phone providers that they offer the upgrade for the MDA/Wizard,etc…
    4. Most of the rumors on availability of an upgrade are only that. The help line “techs?” know as little about an update availability as they do about the MDA. If you talk to a first line tech, if it is not in their answer script they are helpless and thus perpetuate the rumour of the day to the customers.
    5. Customer service people are unable to tell customers who just purchased an MDA only a month or two before the “wing” version came out why they cannot have a free upgrade considering the equipment is new and the customer is locked in for the next two years or they have to pay out $200. per phone to break their contract with the company.
    6. Persons who shelled out $350-$450 for their MDAs are not likely to have another $300-$500. for an upgrade to WM6 via the purchase of another phone and further extension of their contract.
    7. The phone companies could probably make more $ by selling the upgrade and offering an upgraded line of accessories in their stores for their High-end products.
    There is wear and tear on the leather holsters,screen protectors, batteries and chargers. How about a better in-car bluetooth hands-free device with real ‘quality’ sound?
    8. In the end companies like T-Mobile could do a better job of solidifying their long term connection with their customers if they would offer the upgrade to the MDA users.
    9. Offering some perks to the Higher-Priced equipment buyers and keeping them up-to-date would make them feel that they don’t have to ‘shop’ for another provider because two – three months later their high priced investment is now out of date.
    10. Next march my contract is up. I will be looking for a company that will be not only price competitive but also technologically competitive in the market place. Looking back at some of the car comparisons I have seen made I don’t expect that someone who pays $30K will feel good about a car that loses its value within a few months. I think we all expect to get some degree of service from whatever we buy with our hard-earned dollars. If the phone companies play “whatever the traffic will bear” they will find themselves out of business if they don’t provide a high degree of value.
    11. Last! Those who really want the upgrade will eventually get it (or craft one themselves) and the networks will have to wrestle with a lot of non-standardized equipment out there. This hurts all of us who want more reliability in the products we buy and value for our money.
    12. Microsoft,HTC,T-Mobile,Cingular… Please offer us an upgrade for the MDA/Wizard. Please offer some of the opportunities to setup our Mobile equipment like we are able to do with our laptops and desktops.

    Thank You, R

    Comment by R. Starfini | July 26, 2007

  58. I have been following all the article’s and T-mobile news regarding MDA upgrade to WM6, I am looking to upgrade min too but when I called t-mobile they don’t have definite answer as usual, I believe they will not do it for two reason: first they have wing and they want to get profit more if you know that MDA and Wing have nearly the same specifications like processor speed for example, second next year they will start marketing HTC touch “which is available in Europe market now” this explains why dash has WM6 and not MDA, while work will be the same either you create a wizard to one device or more, it’s just marketing issue at the end, I will wait for two month, if t-mobile didn’t have this upgrade for MDA I will find another company for my new contract.

    Thanks you

    Comment by looking for WM6 for MDA | August 1, 2007

  59. If it looks like T-mobile/Cingular/etc… are not going to upgrade the MDA and you will HAVE to buy a replacement. Perhaps it’s time to buy a phone from someone other than a telco but keep your plan. Most of the replacements for the MDA have the same old 200 mhz processor which is too slow for communicating and multitasking.
    ASUS is coming out with a smartphone with (I think, 520 mhz processor, better camera, more memory – things that the basic smartphones need to really work right). The phone looks a little plain but the specs say this will be a performer and a keeper. I don’t have all the specs to quote and don’t know which providers will be compatible with it. It definitely looked more like next-gen stuff than it is hitting the shelves today. Most of the new smartphones look like the same equipment as MDA with two new buttons and WM6 (of course). So if your provider doesnt want to keep you with a cheap upgrade to WM6 and you want the upgrade you may as well get some real hardware that can make better use of the WM6 software.

    Comment by R Starfin | August 6, 2007

  60. i bought t0mobile mda-II phone. i require a English lang windows , mine is german lang, pls help me, i am ready t pay, 500 Ind rupeees for the english windows version.

    Comment by SASMIT | August 22, 2007

  61. I just called TMobile support. They do not offer WM6 for MDA. Only Dash.

    Comment by na | November 7, 2007

  62. Go to this URL to complain:

    Ask them if a gaining few hundred dollars in equipment sales (ie, forcing us to upgrade to the Wing) is worth losing several years of service contracts.

    Comment by na | November 7, 2007

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