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Windows Vista DreamScenes Reviewed (13-27)

Here’s my second review of new Windows Vista DreamScenes, 15 new ones, one revised one, and one that needs to be reevaluated. Watch the YouTube video, or the Soapbox video to see parts one through three together, then keep reading on for the reviews:

First off, it’s important to change the rating on Wasser. Wasser was previously my number one dream, looking beautiful with just a great moving waterfall, but after running it, I’m seeing a major bug. On many systems, after rebooting, Wasser devolves into a mess of giant pixels and broken colors, like a painting that’s had water spilled on it. There are many users complaining about it, enough that I know its not just my system, and it renders the .dream completely unusable. Almost every .dream by user peter22 suffers from this bug. The old rating was a 9.5.

Flow features a pool of water slowly rocking. The water is not very realistic, and the looking method is sort of dizzying, but it just looks great, so who cares?

Clifftop features a colorful, high-quality field of flowers, grass, mountains and a purple sunset. Looks great, but the total lack of movement almost makes it better as a static wallpaper. The 20.1 megabyte size of the .dream means its probably using a lot more resources than is worth it. Recommended only if you don’t care about resources, and are looking for minimal movement in a nature .dream.

Hidden Fountain features a fountain in a garden, framed by trees and a stone entranceway. The video is low-quality, so not recommended for those looking for HD video .dreams. Movement is minimal, and at 25.3 megabytes, there are better similar .dreams out there.

Berge is another peter22 creation, with a winter mountain landscape and shimmering water, marred by the awful bug. Fix this, peter22! I love these .dreams, but they just don’t run right.

Wasserfall is the only peter22 creation that doesn’t suffer from the bug. It’s not the best, but features a decent fake waterfall in a staic image of a giant mountain, with trees in the foreground.

Aurora is a .dream by Noivaj that for some reason has the same name as Microsoft’s default .dream. Still, it’s pretty good, similar to regular Aurora, but with lighter purple/blue colors, smooth movement, and comes in at 5% the size of Microsoft’s. Not bad! It doesn’t match the Vista branding/color scheme, and the loop doesn’t quite work, but I like it.

Closeup features some weird flowers up real close, just kind of shaking in the breeze. They migh be cauliflower, I don’t know. They aren’t particularly attractive flowers, and a good part of the screen is out of focus. Eh.

My Tree 6pk features a two-tone image of a tree on a horizon, with the coloring changing. Some of the transitions are well done, others awkward, and the picture quality is low. Still, it has some benefits, and works as a demo of what is possible with future .dreams.

Berries features some berries hanging among some branches, with a river in the distant background. The focus keeps changing inconsistently, rather than just keeping the whole scene in focus, and the river actually changes direction! Weird.

FLAG USA has the United States flag flapping. Not a video, just a full-screen 3D flag moving, I believe, and pretty good quality, with occasional problems that look like bad interlacing. No blended loop, just a decent fade, with works better than no fade at all. A great .dream, especially if you like waving the flag.

Cityscape – Bridge is a low quality video of a river, with a bridge in the distance. Cars are moving along the bridge, making for a cool bit of detail, and ducks move around in the water. I don’t want to like it, for the quality, but there are so many details that it has a wonderful natural quality. Worth it, absolutely.

Lava-vs-Ocean is an update of Hot Lava. It is 1/4 the file size, performance is significantly better, image quality is the same, and the bad loop has been replaced by a perfect fade. Great update! Old rating was 7.3.

Polar is peter22′s best work yet, but suffers from the same bug. It is an Aurora Borealis over a snowy landscape, and matches most of the Vista colors. If not for the bug, could top the entire list.

Welcome to Vista features the Vista name and orb, along with some shimmering lines of blue and green on a black background. Not as good as “Vista”, but damn close. Don’t stretch, or it looks awful.

Stadt is a peter22-with-the-bug .dream, featuring Chicago at night. The river moves and lights traverse the sky. Coulda been great. Fix it, man!

Rough Sand features a brown sideways scroll with green and yellow ribbons. The ribbons appear to have no movement, just the scrolling (possibly at different speeds. It’s simple, high quality, nothing great, but nice for sure.

Dreams everyone should have installed:
Aurora (original)
Exotic Plasma/Blue Plasma

Dream I’m running right now:

Top .dreams among readers (based on outgoing clicks recorded by MyBlogLog):
Vista V3
Sylock Red
Mana Shades
3D Vista Ultimate
Blue Plasma

Part Two (12-22)
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  2. I have been using these dreams and I don’t seem to suffer from the errors that you are reporting? perhaps is a driver issue???

    Comment by Loki | March 25, 2007

  3. Can anyone help, I am running Vista Ultimate and have downloaded the dreamscenes however, they will not run on the desktop as they should. They will run in media player though. Has anyone got a solution please?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Comment by Don Stuart | October 24, 2007

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