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Charles Simonyi… In Space!

Charles Simonyi, former Microsoft developer who oversaw the development of Microsoft Word and Excel among his 21 years at the software company, is currently orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station, having hitched a ride thanks to some Russian cosmonauts. Simonyi launched April 6, (after paying about $20 million) and should return late next week, hanging around (well, floating) while crew members perform radiation experiments.

Hopefully Simonyi will find some fun Microsoft-related things to do up there. Perhaps he could throw some floppy disks of software he worked on into the void of space, or just be the first person to boot up Vista outside the atmosphere. I’m just comically imagining him trying to find a wifi network on the space station.

I gotta thank Charles. I’m linked on his Wikipedia page (I reported that he is dating Martha Stewart) and have been getting a lot of traffic from that link.

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