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Windows Live Hotmail Plus Gets 4 Gigs, MSN Premium Still Out In Cold

LiveSide is reporting that Microsoft is indeed offering a premium level of service for Windows Live Hotmail users (Windows Live Mail accounts should have all by now switched to the new branding), and that Windows Live Hotmail Plus accounts get 4 gigabytes of email storage space. MSN Hotmail users don’t get the bigger storage, so they will need to upgrade to Windows Live to double their inbox space.

Annoyingly, they still won’t let MSN Premium users, who have Hotmail Plus accounts as part of their service, upgrade to Windows Live Hotmail and get the bigger inboxes and much improved interface. My wife has been enjoying Windows Live Hotmail for almost a year now, completely free, and I can’t get it because I’ve actually contributed revenue to MSN. Ridiculous!

April 11th, 2007 Posted by | Hotmail, Live, MSN, Windows | 76 comments

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  1. I will like to be come a member fo Windos Live Hotmail.

    Comment by Norma | April 25, 2007

  2. Looks like as of this weekend that has changed. I am also an MSN Premium subscriber, and for the first time Hotmail now gave me the option to upgrade to the new interface.

    Comment by Ken | April 26, 2007

  3. I Will like to be come a member for window live hotmail

    Comment by rahmat | May 7, 2007

  4. I have a simple question regarding MSN Premium and Live Hotmail: Are there any compatibility issues and would it be recommended that I load the Live Hotmail via my MSN Premium account? I at this time am not concerned with the amount of storage available on either.

    Comment by Steve | May 12, 2007

  5. MSN Premium customers are still hosed – and if you have and older Premium account with grandfather POP3 access then you cannot upgrade without losing that POP3 access

    Comment by 220mph | May 18, 2007

  6. Windows Live Hotmail Plus is now available in the US.

    Comment by Eric | May 19, 2007

  7. Looks like you WILL be able to access it for free very soon with a new client.

    Amid the announcement that Windows Live Hotmail is launching globally on Monday, Microsoft said that it plans to release a beta of its desktop client called Windows Live Mail “within weeks.” The application replaces both Outlook Express and Windows Mail as the company’s signature e-mail client. Sources indicate that Windows Live Mail would be similar to the Windows Live Desktop Mail client currently being tested.That application provides desktop access to POP and IMAP e-mail accounts, as well as the Hotmail service. It also integrates with other Live services, including Contacts, Messenger, Spaces. Users of the free client are shown advertising, while subscribers to Hotmail premium services did not. It was not immediately clear whether or not ads will be displayed in the updated version.

    Comment by antnyc | May 30, 2007

  8. i switched out of msn premium (since i upgraded to dsl) — and lost the ability to access mail from entourage. considering entourage is part of the “windows for mac” package one is forced to wonder what is going on. entourage tells me helpfully, that i need a hotmail plus account to access entourage, and when i try to buy it, the message says that my mac browser doesn’t support msn downloads! talk about confusing, frustrating and such unnecessary hassles!

    Comment by kiran | June 22, 2007

  9. I am trying to cancel my subscription to Windows Live Hotmail Plus. Here is what I have gotten:

    “If you have another account, sign out / sign in to see more support options.
    The account you are currently using does not entitle you to support for these services.

    If you have another account, sign out (if you are currently signed in) and then sign in with another account to see more support options.
    Windows Live Hotmail Plus”

    Nowhere does it show or tell how to cancel this subscription.

    My new contact information is Jerry Hall at
    former email was

    Comment by Jerry Hall | June 25, 2007

  10. heyyaaa drlun its jasmine n holli ere lol wat yuu up 2 lol well theres nout happening here lol well g2g bye

    Comment by jasmine n holli | June 26, 2007

  11. how can i upgrade my hotmail account up to hotmail plus

    Comment by raid | June 27, 2007

  12. i would like to join hotmail plus!
    hehehe but now i dont know how.
    i think hotmail plus users have the pop3 access while windows live dont.

    Comment by steve | June 27, 2007

  13. oh, didnt realize theres a link here :)

    btw, its true that hotmail plus users have pop3 access right?
    means, you can use on blackberry? treo? etc?

    Comment by steve | June 27, 2007

  14. I need to cancel my subscription with MSN LIVE

    Comment by I WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION | July 14, 2007

  15. i want messenger live HOTMAILoff my computor i hate it,
    i just want my windows live messenger like i had it before,else ill have to cancel it all out
    signed valerie maskell

    Comment by valerie maskell | July 16, 2007

  16. Hi, I wanna now how to get a version of messenger from hotmail for my celular phone….anyone nows ?

    Comment by Mario | July 17, 2007

  17. I have just downloaded the new hotmail, but wish to cancel and revert back to the original. Please help

    Comment by D Franklin | July 25, 2007

  18. im trying to cancel windows live hot mail

    Comment by paul hess | July 26, 2007

  19. im trying to cancel windows live hot mail what i had before was

    Comment by paul hess | July 26, 2007

  20. Help – I have tried several times to go to the site listed to cancel the Hotmail plus service and keep getting blocked.
    What’s going on?

    Comment by P Hoy | July 27, 2007

  21. cancel the hotmail live. had the hotmail original last week now we have something else

    Comment by pat lane | August 7, 2007

  22. To whom it may concern
    I don’t want the MSN Windows Live, I would like to have my old addres back.Your goal seems to be making it as hard as possible for me to cancel Windows live. I have tried all the options available to me that I know of and they are not working. Is it too much to ask of you to inform me of a way to have my old address back?

    Comment by Franklin Rowe | August 12, 2007

  23. Delete Windows Live Hotmail

    Comment by Franklin Rowe | August 12, 2007


    Comment by eve | August 13, 2007


    Comment by eve | August 13, 2007


    Comment by eve | August 13, 2007

  27. I wish to revert back to my originianl hotmail account.I seem to have lost all my original messages and contacts.
    I just tried to go to my normal account and became rather bombared with all this extra info that I don’t really want.
    I’m not interested in sharing info or chatting on line etc.
    Please help

    Comment by Cwyengland | August 17, 2007

  28. Your subscription to Windows Live Hotmail Plus is scheduled to be automatically renewed on Wednesday, September 19, 2007. Here is a description of the service:

    I just received this e-mail yesterday. I went to the web site they suggested because I want to cancel my subscription, but there was no way that when you hit cancel, that it would come up with anything. When you hit other links, they pop right up, but cancel does nothing. Any information you can give me so that I can cancel this would be helpful. How about a phone number? Thanks

    Comment by Sandra | August 20, 2007

  29. I can’t stand Windows Live – If anyone finds out how to delete it, please let me know.

    Comment by Hedy | August 21, 2007

  30. l was not aware this Windows live update

    Comment by fumane | August 22, 2007

  31. l want to revert to my original account as l need my mail

    Comment by fumane | August 22, 2007

  32. Hi,I have a blackberry and cannot acess my hotmail,can you please advise me how I can and to who payment must be made if required
    Many Thanks

    Comment by brian Long | August 25, 2007

  33. Hello,
    Here is my question :
    I would like to go back to Window live hotmail plus , my account is with hotmail plus .
    Would you please tell me how to make the change
    Thank you

    Comment by Pierrette Lépine | September 2, 2007

  34. I wish that you major companie’s leave thingds alone, I had no problems getting looged on to hotmail till now.

    any ideas please send to me.

    thanks unhappy customer

    Comment by Fred Wamsley | September 2, 2007

  35. I don’t want Windows Live Space. I hate it. It has completely interfered with my browser and I just want my old account back. WHY DOESN’T THIS COMPANY LET US OUT. I feel as if I’m trapped.

    Comment by Tammi | September 10, 2007

  36. I wish I had never switched to Windows Live Hotmail. It’s no where near as well laid out as MSN Hotmail.

    I want to switch back but there is no option to do so.

    Looks like Google Mail are going to get my account and M$ can stick this where the sun don’t shine.

    Comment by Mal | September 10, 2007

  37. I hope hotmail reverts back. This windows hotmail is terrible. The layout is awful. I will tag along for awhile in the hope it improves. If not I’m off, which is a pity has I always thought it was a nice simple layout. Why alter something which is’nt broke.

    Comment by B Gough | September 11, 2007

  38. I tried to cancel Hotmail Plus from the account window, too, and the “cancel service” link does nothing. I finally got into a tech support chat room for Windows Live Hotmail Plus by accident. I’m sorry I can’t remember how I got there. I told tech to cancel my service and refund my money. My service was cancelled but now my Office Professional Outlook is messed up and they promise me they can do it properly this time, after weeks of trying. Forget it, I’m going to Google Mail.

    Comment by Patrick Crowley | September 11, 2007

  39. Today when I tried to send an e-mail, the whole format was changed unknown. Now I can’t get into it all all. What’s going on. I am totally frustrated. How can I get my hotmail address back?

    Comment by Rena Snow | September 14, 2007

  40. Please bring back the old version of Hotmail! Pleasepleasepleaseplease….

    Windows Live Hotmail (even classic) is Very Slow, poorly-designed, and unattractive. I immediately created a gmail account after fighting the UI for an hour and discovering there was no way to go back to the old version of Hotmail.

    I’d rather not switch – but Microsoft has forced my hand.

    Comment by LEN | September 14, 2007

  41. Yikes! What happened? Can anyone help me?

    I’ve been using hotmail for years (have 2 account, 1 paid for and another free), and now I can’t open either account. It’s the stupid Windows Live. If I try to open my account, the only screen I can get is one that for the Windows Live, it has so many re-directs my company can’t do it… the way, I have a Mac that I’ve been happily running for a month. Each time I try, I have to go in a deal the gigantic list of cookies it is creating. Then I can get the screen again.

    Does anyone know how I can’t get into my hotmail account? I have a lot of info there that I want to pull out. o\Of course, I’m not going to continue with Hotmail unless they clean up their product. THIS CRAZY!

    Comment by sharon | September 14, 2007

  42. Sorry for the typos in my previous message. I’m so frustrated I can’t type. Anyway, when I try to get into my email, it only gives me an option to go to Windows Live. When I do that, it has so many re-directs that my computer says there too many and can’t do it….so I can’t get to my hotmail!!!!! Does anyone know how I can get all my info and copies of emails that I have in my two different hotmail accounts (one I paid for and one is a free one). I have lots data within those email and all my email addresses.


    Comment by sharon | September 14, 2007

  43. This is not user friendly at all. I hate it.

    Comment by Arlene | September 15, 2007



    Comment by Peter | September 16, 2007


    Comment by Peter | September 16, 2007


    Comment by Peter | September 16, 2007


    Comment by Peter | September 16, 2007

  48. The compose screen on the Windows Live Mail is so annoying. If you try to bold or underline, it “jumps” up on the screen. Adding contacts (or a new group list of contacts) is much more difficult than before. I want the old MSN Hotmail back and can’t figure out how to switch back.

    Comment by Carol | September 18, 2007

  49. I really really F#$king hate live Hotmail if I wanted outlook I would use outlook, but whats worse is I can’t get back to MSN hotmail.

    Google had some tips but all failed, as no MSN tick box was available.

    Comment by allan | September 19, 2007

  50. After 7 years, I can’t get into my hotmail! I just get looped back to the Live sign in – then to my information- but never to my friggin mail! Live is horrendous and I can’t get back to my regular email anymore!

    Comment by Katie B | September 19, 2007


    Comment by KAY MELTON | September 20, 2007

  52. I have already but now I could not able to open… I don’t know how it will open… I can struggle very much for this… pl.. help

    Comment by mona | September 23, 2007

  53. I wrote early about not being able to get in either of my hotmail accounts, the paid one I’ve had for several years and the free one that I’ve had forever. I’m on a MAC (just switched from PC a couple of months ago) so there maybe there’s something that Microsoft is doing to take business from Apple’s growing user base. When I first got on my Mac, there was no problem at all with hotmail…but then I received the deadly email to go to hotmail live.

    I can get into my hotmail if I go to a non-Mac computer, but I don’t have one so I can only check my hotmail when I happen to be somewhere where someone is willing to let me use their computer and internet. GRRRRRR

    Obviously, I’m going to figure out how to get all my Hotmail contacts and hopefully archived email out of Hotmail and try to convert to something else. Maybe I can move all the data to Gmail.

    Does anyone know if this is a permanent problem with Hotmail? Or it is something that we have to deal with for only a while…..I hate to jump through lots of hoops to change everything only to have Hotmail correct their big mistake.


    Comment by sharon | September 23, 2007

  54. run for your life, out of hotmail live.
    it is going to get worse.
    i switched free to aol.
    i am using a mac laptop.

    Comment by eve | September 24, 2007

  55. I signed on to Windows Live hotmail by mistake. I do not like it at all and would like the option of reverting back to the old hotmail. I have been a hotmail user for years and was completely happy with what I had. Microsoft please give us the option to change back if we wish!

    Comment by James | October 3, 2007

  56. I agree with everyone who hates Windows Live. Has anyone actually found out how to switch back? Is it even possible? Please help!

    Comment by Alison | October 3, 2007

  57. forget you msn people you really are ticking off everybody i am going back to aol they are much better i hope you are happy about making half the world miserable for whatever stupid reasons you have im sticking my tongue out at you and gnashing my teeth at you, i hate this and you do it ever so often, forget you aol rules, or whatever! just kidding but this is a terrible mess, when i thought i could rely on msn they pull the rug right out from beneath your feet, you get used to one way and blam, not anymore, well bill im fed up you know what the hell… so quit it and give me my messages back give me what i have grown accustomed to back… there is hissing and wailing and gnashing of teeth against you, even peoplepc is better than you, even kazaa, and limewire are better even yuwie and shareapic and even at&t and bell south and corona beer are better than you more hissing and gnashing of teeth against you and your whatever you guys are terrible another tongue sticking out against you and a fart in your face for this terrible mess and some caca and dirt and an umpire boot out of here! you are out of here ejected ejected down and out in the grout put you in the mosh pit and make you suffer, half the world that relied on you will not put up with this. This is black mail now. Fix it or I fart in your faces!

    Comment by Brett McCluskey | October 4, 2007

  58. It seems to me when I first came to Hotmail ten years ago, it was very fast and easy to use on a 28.8 modem. That, plus the security of McAfee Viruscan and the ability to have all unrecognized mail go into the junk folder (something other email services charge for), Hotmail seemed like a great deal for free, I endorsed it and even advised those fed up with their current system to use it!
    Since then I upgraded to 56k, but it seems Hotmail has not kept up with the times. As time went on it got buggier and buggier. I began seeing a lot of its capabilities being removed a few years ago. First was the loss of McAfee. I got a little wary. Then the memorized addresses on the TO: drop-down stopped saving. Then it just plain started getting BUGGY. I would type up a letter, go to attach, and when I got back my letter was gone! Very frustrating. Now it’s ever buggier than it ever was before, it defaults with this rich-text toolbar that takes twenty seconds to load on a good day, and you HAVE to wait for the entire page to load before you can select ‘plain text’ (which should be the default in classic mode anyway). It seems the only reason Hotmail is pushing this is so they can stuff more ads on the page, which takes even longer to load.
    Which leads me to ask; “who’s the rocket scientist that thought up this lousy piece of crap??

    Comment by Bill | October 7, 2007

  59. I want to switch back to regular hotmail. without cancelling my hotmail account. How do I do this?

    Comment by Rochelle R. Calinson | October 8, 2007

  60. Hotmail live SUCKS!!!!! Just like MSFT’s current Stock prices. Microsoft—Listen to everyone and let us change back to the good old hotmail!!! This new “live” mail really sucks! It’s harder to use, ALWAYS screws up, and is a huge disgrace. Just let us go back to the better old hotmail. Or we’ll all be dumping MSN for good.

    Comment by Nicholas | October 8, 2007

  61. I don`t want Windows Life .What can I do to get my MSN Hotmail? I don`t like Windows Life? Please, help me!

    Comment by sabrina | October 8, 2007

  62. I have been using my old 98-machines with Outlook Express and Hotmail Plus paid with Visa for the comin spring 2008.

    Now Mickeysoft has started harassing me with HIP-checks more and more often regardless of my protests.

    What can I do except asking help from my unmentionable friends for some very nasty things to happen to somebody…

    Comment by Heikki Soinio | October 13, 2007

  63. Quick question:

    Is someone willing to answer all this posted questions?

    Whoever created this page doesn’t give a $hi4 to us.

    Comment by Ryan | October 14, 2007

  64. I’m trying to cancel my hotmail plus service please help. Jean

    Comment by Jean Johnson | October 17, 2007

  65. The so-called improvement is rubbish. Can’t get into it. Can’t get quicknames. Can’t get UK dates. Forwarded messages are compressed text. Maybe it’s my Safari browser? Could Microsoft be hostile to the Apple browser? How infantile. Thinking about a switch to google.mail. Great features: auto-address, autosave to name a few…

    Comment by Bruce | October 18, 2007

  66. “If” you still have MSN Hotmail and wish to avoid being forced to “Upgrade” to Windows Live Hotmail paste the following link in your address bar (it’s at the top of your browser where its says http:// etc):

    press enter and when the page goes to the “Sign In” page “Bookmark” the page and from then on, whenever you want to enter your hotmail account always click on “Bookmarks” in your browser menu bar and select the address I asked you to paste a minute ago; your Sign In page will appaear and just sign in.

    Comment by Mauricio d'Onofrio | October 21, 2007

  67. I ALSO HATE HOTMAIL LIVE. I mean, all I want is to access my mail! I have been a paying customer for years and now cannot EVER rely on being able to simply OPEN my hotmail account. “PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED”….. Well, I will give it one week (for me… one week of missing work opportunities, missing hearing from friends and relatives…) and then, it’ Gmail, here I come!

    Comment by carey | October 22, 2007

  68. Yo Microsoft, are you listening? Windows Live Hotmail SUCKS! IT SUCKS IT SUCKS IT SUCKS! On Mac and on PC. On Explorer and Safari. On new and old operating systems. I get half blank pages. I get a notice that it doesn’t recognize my computer. Hotmail is f&^%$ crap.

    Comment by JR | October 22, 2007

  69. I HATE HOTMAIL LIVE! I have lived with hotmail (regular) -for over 5 years, with very little problem. Now with this UPGRADE, (which I did not know about – was upgraded without my knowledge or consent) I can barely use hotmail at all. I keep getting “page cannot be displayed”. Does anyone think this is going to get better? I have so many emails I wanted to save and also EVERYONE knows my email address. I haven’t changed it for years. I agree with “carey” – I just can’t rely on hotmail anymore. It stinks when I depend on it so much.

    Comment by M Mueller | October 25, 2007

  70. I do not appreciate this “new” Windows Live hotmail popping up on my screen.. I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE for it and I would truly like to know how to remove it. MY HUSBAND is the administrator of our account and HE DID NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN. We have seperate e-mail addresses. HELP! I want to remove. You can’t even type quickly or reply to e-mails at all. The letters jump and the backspacing is constantly to correct the letters.

    Comment by P.Woodall | October 30, 2007

  71. How on earth can I cancel my hotmail account/subscription and revert back to normal hotmail. If ever there was a program that sucks, this is one….Please help, some one out there knows how to do it…

    Comment by izzy | November 7, 2007

  72. Live hotmail is NOT an improvement over the plain Hotmail which most of us had been using for years.

    It is user UNfriendly!

    The “From” column in my Inbox keeps getting smaller and smaller – currently I can see 3 letters of the name of the sender (or their email address)which is definitely not enough to recognize who the email is from. The columns do not seem to be adjustable.

    Deleting the previous sender’s address is also not available in “rich text” – one has to revert to “plain text” in order to delete them – and then the rich text content is lost!

    I hate this Live Hotmail.

    Comment by vicky | November 11, 2007

  73. i hate how the ads at the bottom of an email take up more space than the text in the email itself. makes the ad look more important than your email and it’s all squished together, makes it harder to read than regular hotmail! looks disproportionate and clunky and weird… i’m with those who’re shouting in caps: change it back!

    Comment by pat | November 15, 2007

  74. this was a dumb move on their part. nothing was wrong with hotmail- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    this isn’t a choice where if you don’t like it go somewhere else. choices involve both parties. this is a typical ms ultimatuum.

    Comment by mark | November 15, 2007

  75. as usual, ms is the school teacher making rules we’re to follow and as usual we kick, scream, stomp our feet but they don’t listen.

    Comment by mark | November 15, 2007

  76. i have e-mail in and canot get to to it . i hate live mail so i went to yahoo. i just went to and there i was my password was stored and after 15 years i cant remember and cant get in to have it sent to me. why change something that we dont want changed.

    Comment by anna | September 1, 2009

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