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Live Earth Schedule Announced

The Live Earth concert (sponsored by MSN, streaming on MSN, raising awareness of the climate change crisis) has announced most of the official tour locations. One of them will even be in my area:

  • US: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • UK: Wembley Stadium, London
  • Brazil: Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro
  • South Africa: The Cradle of Human Kind, Maropeng near Johannesburg
  • Japan: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
  • China: (location TBD), Shanghai
  • Australia: Aussie Stadium , Moore Park, Sydney

Wonder if anyone at Microsoft can get me tickets?

Tickets go on sale Monday (my birthday!) for the Giants Stadium show. If anyone wants to give their favorite Microsoft blogger a nice birthday present, that would be really cool. Of course, if someone could undo the worst moment of my month and get me a camera to replace my stolen one, that would be even better.

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Blockbuster Online Plugin Released For Windows Media Center

Blockbuster MCE pluginBlockbuster MCE plugin Hosted on Zooomr

My parents love using Blockbuster Online. Though it may not have the coolness of Netflix, they rent movies online, return them to the store, and get another one for free. I’m sure if they loved Media Center like I do, or if I loved Blockbuster like they do, or if I just had fifteen bucks to burn every month, I’d love this new plugin for Windows XP Media Center Edition, that lets you find movies and add them to the queue, all without leaving the comfort of your couch. It even lets you watch movie trailers. Sounds like it’s a little buggy, and no word on if it also works on Vista, but still worth at least checking out if you use Blockbuster.
(via Chris Lanier)

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Zune Version 2 Detailed

ZuneInsider claims to have gotten exclusive info on the next version of the Zune, thanks to a loose-lipped Microsoft employee. The second Zune, coming out later this year, will be of a new design that looks like the first-gen Zune, but is redone (and not a Toshiba Gigabeat), is thinner, and has a larger hard drive.

There will also be a Flash-based Zune, measuring 3 by 1 1/4 by 1/4 inches, with the screen covering 75% of the surface of the device. Designed to compete with the iPod Nano, the Flash Zune will even play video. Here’s a size comparison, courtesy of Sizeeasy:


Surprisingly he gave some hard numbers: 2.4 million next gen Zunes will be fabricated prior the 2007 holiday season. About 2/3 of them are the smaller flash units.

Sounds exciting, if it is true. I’ll bet we’ll be hearing a lot of Zune 2.0 speculation in the coming months, and I’m hoping this is the start of some good news.

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