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Good Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Issue 6

Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets Issue 6Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets Issue 6 Hosted on Zooomr

For the sixth, most wonderful time, here’s the latest roundup of Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets.

This Xbox Live Gamercard Gadget lets you search for Gamertags and see their info. Problem is, once you’re done looking at the card, it goes away, instead of staying in the Sidebar. Gadgets are supposed to be ways to see the status of something, so why not leave the Gamercard there at all times? Bad decision.

This Memory Meter Gadget shows your current RAM status, and comes with 33 skins, a lot of which match popular Vista wallpaper styles.

The Single Core Multi-Meter Gadget shows you CPU and RAM usage, and it also has a bunch of great skins. There’s a version for dual-core processors, too.

The Live Clock is a variation on the clock by Donavon West (said to be used with permission). Basically, it seems to have different skins, displays the date, and chimes on the hour. I’m not that excited by the skins, but if you need a clock, worth checking out.

The GTA IV Countdown Gadget counts down to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. If you were like me, and even installed the GTA IV trailer countdown Gadget, this one is a no-brainer.

Here’s a Horoscope Gadget, giving you daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. Apparently, I’m supposed to buckle my seat belt.

The Polar Gadget streams live video from a web cam at the Polar Lounge Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. It isn’t sized properly for the Sidebar, so you’ll have to run it on the desktop (you can see it in the screenshot above.

The Recycle Bin Gadget gives you status on your Recycle Bin, and dedicated buttons for refreshing, emptying, and opening the properties of the Bin.

The Live Messenger Gadget gives you your Windows Live Messenger Buddy List, with status fllyout, the ability to change your status, and see the number of unread email messages.

The Flickr Search Gadget launches your browser with a Flickr search. No flyout, so not really worth it, unless you really, really need to get to Flickr fast.

The NZ News 5-in-1 RSS Feed Gadget shows New Zealand news in several categories. You can set it to be longer or shorter, which is smart and cool, and you can turn on more verbose story descriptions.

The WeatherEye Gadget shows live weather conditions for 5,000 worldwide cities, short-term forecasts, and does a great job having a nice compact mode in the Sidebar, and a gigantic weather control panel on the Desktop. Maybe a little too big.

The Binary Clock shows the current time in binary. I just wish you could change the color scheme.

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