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Projected Game Sales Over The Next Four Years

The BBC has an article about the growth of the video games industry and the effects that has in a creating a Hollywood-type culture. I just found this graph so interesting:


It’s showing game sales over the last seven years, and growth projected out for the next four.

Now granted, it’s patently inaccurate, because it shows the PS3 and Wii selling games as early as 2005, and the 360 selling games in late 2003, and that probably means its depiction of the PS3 selling more games than the Wii and nearly as many as the 360 is probably inaccurate too, but I find the trends interesting. It shows the industry recovering from its downturn and gaining about $2 billion in revenue, and a market more evenly split than the last generation.

More choices due to better competition = great for the market. However, console exclusives are the bane of any console owner, so I’m hoping they wise up. I really want to play the new Wii Mario games, but I won’t, because they are trapped on Nintendo’s console, and I’m not paying $250 just for the hardware for those two games (and no, none of the other games hold enough appeal at this time). I know the last thing we’ll ever see is Mario on an Xbox, so maybe I’ll wait for the next generation to buy this generation’s Wii for $100.
(via Kotaku)

In other news:

Mountain Dew is doing a Halo 3 beverage, bearing a character’s likeness and the Halo brand.

Positioned as “game fuel,” the beverage will sport the Halo 3 logo and a game character. Pepsi is betting the limited edition beverage will be a huge hit with the college-age crowd. According to IGN, Halo 3 ranks No. 1 among 2007 titles in awareness and purchase intent for the past two years.

It will have Halo’s Master Chief on the side, and contain a whopping 120 milligrams of caffeine! It says “Game Fuel” on the side, making it devastatingly accurate.

Also, an ongoing comic book series about Halo characters is coming this July from Marvel. Selling at $3.99 for the first, 40-page issue, and produced by the legendary Daredevil team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev. The description, from Kotaku:

Picking up from the conclusion of blockbuster video game Halo 2, the must-read issue reveals how the Master Chief, while onboard a hostile ship headed towards Earth, is battling against Covenant forces! Intertwined with Master Chief’s interstellar one-man-war is the saga of a great American city’s rebellion and downfall, two disparate lives’ collision and shared fate, and the Covenant’s hunt for an ancient relic of untold power and value. With hope dwindling and the fate of humanity hanging by a thread, is there any chance for a future?

A Lost video game is also confirmed for the 360, PS3 and PC. Nice! I love Lost. Not that there’s any chance of it being good, but I’ll love it just the same…

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