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Ray Ozzie Mix 07 Keynote

Ray Ozzie is giving the keynote at Mix 07 in fifteen minutes. You can watch it live at these streams:

I’ll be watching. I won’t be liveblogging, but I will write down some notes here, so you’ll know if there are any bombshells.

By the way, if you need some simple, pretty cool music to listen to, tune in now. The waiting music is really exciting. Maybe Ozzie really is bringing the cool to Microsoft?
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UPDATE 12:41: Ozzie basically just called AJAX yesterday’s news. He said that any company that has tried to hard to go all the way to a new platform has failed, referring to Sun before, and Google now. Damn, he’s fighting. Good for him!

UPDATE 1:01: Ozzie talked about how Microsoft is a platform company, creating great platforms for developers to create great applications. He showed off some cool examples, especially Silverlight (which Scott Guthrie is talking now). Silverlight now includes a cross-platform version of the .Net Framework (which is amazing, if you think about it. Microsoft is going to let you run Silverlight stuff on their backend in your sites, and showed it running on Wikipedia. That’s enormously cool.

He showed a lot of Photosynth, showing how it is being built into Silverlight and lets you zoom right into images, like a Google Map, getting amazing quality at amazing speeds, with little downloading initially. He showed it being used in an advertisement on, giving you an idea of how they plan on attacking Google with amazing visual advertising. Scott showed off some of the amazing things Silverlight will be able to do with web video, streaming HD video.

Oh, and Expression Studio launched today.

This is one of the better keynotes I’ve ever seen from Microsoft. Ozzie is clearly a developer guy, and he’s reaching the audience better than Gates ever did. If this is the future of Microsoft, then the future is amazingly bright.

They’ve got Netflix guys onstage now.

UPDATE 1:12: Killer keynote moment: They showed off this amazing, Silverlight-based Netflix player, and then, when asked how long it took to build, the answer was three weeks. That’s amazing. And it runs in Firefox, and on a Mac, and uses Ajax, and has instant messaging, and DVD-like chapter features, and copy protection, and Netflix website features, and collaborative viewing (watch a movie with a friend, over the internet) and DVD info. Un-freakin-believable.

UPDATE 1:19: They’re talking Expression now, how it lets designers and programmers work at the same time, effectively.

Ozzie mentioned earlier API stuff they’re doing. CNet said last week that there would be a lot of API stuff announced at Mix, and that seems to be happening. They said we’d see:

The company will allow outside developers–which can be at commercial enterprises–to build mash-up applications that generate up to one million unique user visits at their sites per month for free. Beyond that, Microsoft will charge 25 cents per user per year or look to establish a business relationship where it can deliver online ads to those sites, company executives said.

In addition, Microsoft will provide APIs to photos or contact information for its Windows Live Spaces users if they give permission. Windows Live Spaces is Microsoft’s social networking site where people can post blogs, share photos and other information.

A criticism of other companies (like Google) and their APIs is that those APIs are not meant to be used for commercial uses, and are usually limited to a number of uses. They keep talking commercial APIs, with paying for more uses, but nobody ever gets it done. If Microsoft does, as they say they are now, developers will be very happy.

More at LiveSide and Mashable

Here are a bunch of Silverlight screencasts.

Here’s info on the just-released Silverlight 1.1 Alpha.

Peter Lau is liveblogging. Turns out they were showing Twitter messages from the audience in real-time on a screen before the keynote.

UPDATE 1:44: They had a guy from CBS, showing off how they can use Silverlight to integrate user generated content and rich streaming video advertising their website, and eventually the newscast. They show a fake version of the local CBS newscast featuring user-generated content in a news story. It’s speculative, which I don’t like, but high quality, with the real news anchors on the real set, so I’ll semi-forgive it.

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