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Microsoft Does Split-Screen Computing

Engadget reports that Microsoft in India has developed software that lets two people use a computer, in split-screen with seperate mice and keyboards. It’s a great idea, seemingly borrowed from videogames, where two players play against or with each other on the same console and the same screen, just splitting the screen in half (or sometimes fourths for four players). Microsoft figures its better than buying a second computer, which can be quite costly in some economies, letting two people use practically the same hardware.

Me and my wife have come to a happy medium thanks to split screens. Our TV, which is large enough that this is manageable, has a split-screen picture-in-picture mode. Sometimes, if I want to play Xbox 360 and she wants to watch TV, we’ll just split it and do both, on the same screen, letting us stay together in bed, both looking at the TV, but doing completely different things. It’s as good a compromise as anyone’ll ever get. If I could split my laptop, that would be just super.

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