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How To Disable Aero On Battery

Clint has come up with a brilliant fix for Windows Vista, something guaranteed to increase your battery life. He has written a tiny program that turns off Windows Aero when your laptop is running on battery. Simple, and very effective (and it’s open source, so you can mess with/improve it).

Aero has been found to be pretty taxing on battery life, running your GPU hot, activating your fan, all of which runs down the battery. Switching to the Vista Basic interface improves battery life, sometimes significantly, but running through the menus is annoying. Using Clint’s little Vista Laptop Battery Saver application, the system just switches you from Aero to Basic when you pull out the plug, and turns Aero back on when you plug it back in.

Great work, Clint! Microsoft needs to build this option into the power management control panel for Service Pack 1.
(via Coding4Fun)

Oh, and for some reason it leaves a windows open all the time. It doesn’t appear in the taskbar, but I see it in Alt-Tab. Perhaps that’s the first thing to fix in this app.

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