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Microsoft Buys Stake In CareerBuilder, Gains Search Partner

Microsoft announced today that it had acquired a 4% stake in jobs site CareerBuilder, taking percentages from the newspapers that own the popular service (1.7% from Tribune, 1.7% from Gannett, and .6% from McClatchy). As part of the deal, CareerBuilder becomes the exclusive provider of job listings on MSN Careers, and Microsoft is guaranteed at least $443 million over the next seven years.

Microsoft also announced plans to acquire OfficeWriter, a business intelligence tool made by SoftArtisans. OfficeWriter is a Java tool that lets you create Microsoft Office documents from any data source through a web browser. Sounds extremely useful in connecting Office with the web.

Microsoft also acquired mobile phone advertising firm ScreenTonic. ScreenTonics makes a product called STAMP Technology, which manages mobile advertising and all the different factors associated with many different models of mobile phones.

Besides technology, another important piece of this acquisition is the fact that ScreenTonic has strong relationships with some very large brands and operators in Europe. Companies such as McDonald’s, Nokia, Toshiba, Apple, and Disney help fill out ScreenTonic’s laundry list of connections. Being that ScreenTonic already has a strong presence in Europe, expect Microsoft to start reaping the benefits of this acquisition within the next few months.

May 9th, 2007 Posted by | Advertising, Applications, MSN, Office | one comment

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  1. MSN actually isn’t “guaranteed at least $443 million” with this deal. They can receive up to $443 based on hitting performance targets.

    Comment by Shane | May 10, 2007

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