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Creating Gadgets With Silverlight

Charles Sterling writes the steps required to use Silverlight in a Microsoft Gadget in a Silverlight application. He’s also got a seperate article on including Gadgets in regular WPF, but putting creating Gadgets in with Silverlight has got my mind swimming with cool possibilities for putting creating Gadgets in webapps with rich interfaces. Me like.

UPDATE: I completely misunderstood Charles’ post, but the reality is even better than I thought. How cool are Silverlight Gadgets gonna look? Pretty cool, that’s how much!

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Microsoft Puts Toe In Patent War With Linux

Microsoft made a loud accusation, putting out a claim that Linux and other free/open source software violates 235 of its patents. Microsoft claims that open source coders have been violating its patents for years, causing a firestorm of criticism as Linux advocates fear another SCO-style lawsuit war.

OSS advocates really shouldn’t worry too much. Microsoft’s most important current corporate philosophy is that developers are the key to their success, that if they court enough developers Windows will succeeed, and they’d never risk the fallout of attacking so many small devs. Also, Microsoft’s said this before, saying about three years ago the same thing about Linux violating their patents, and they never acted on that to the extent people are worried about.

Robert McLaws has some good arguments against fears of a Microsoft patent firestorm, including that Microsoft has explicitly said that lawsuits would not serve its goals.

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Funny “Get A Mac” Animated GIF

Steve Clayton ran this animated GIF mocking the “Get A Mac” ads (using the UK actors):

get a mac animated

Wonder where he got it from.

Mark today as the day I learned Zooomr screws up animated GIFs. So, one thing I still need Flickr for.

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“Windows Live Folders” Free Online Storage Discovered

LiveSide spotted, for a brief period of time, the website for Windows Live Folders, the long rumored free online storage service Microsoft has been developing. The site, which was available at, gave you 500 megabytes of storage, which single files being as large as 50 megabytes, and let you limit who can access and change the files. View more screenshots here.

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Microsoft Planning Gatineau Web Analytics Rollout This Summer

Microsoft has sent an email out to customers of DeepMetrix’s LiveStats web analytics, letting them know that its codename:Gatineau analytics service will replace LiveStats and inviting them to join the beta, coming this summer. LiveStats development has ended, as Microsoft bought DeepMetrix a year ago, and LiveStats support will end on January 31, 2008, although current customers will be free to keep using it. If they’d like the next generation, though, they’re free to sign up for Gatineau’s beta this summer.

The email:

Dear DeepMetrix Customer,

We’re excited to update you about Microsoft’s activities since we acquired DeepMetrix.

Over the past year we’ve focused on building the next generation of Web analytics. We’ve reached a transitioning phase, and are now rolling out our new service. Because of this rollout, we’re no longer updating DeepMetrix products and support services will discontinue on January 31, 2008.

You may continue to use the unsupported products after this date. We also want you to know that we’d like to work with LiveStats.XSP customers to plan a smooth transition to the new service for you and your customers.

This summer you’ll be invited to try the beta of our new Web analytics service—Project Gatineau. Some of the highlights of the beta features include:

  • Click and visitor tracking
  • Marketing campaign reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Demographic and geographic segmentation
  • Paid and natural search analysis

As customers of DeepMetrix and Web analytics, Microsoft values your business and hopes you’ll try our new Web analytics service.

We’ll let you know more as further information becomes available. For general questions or comments regarding DeepMetrix products or Microsoft Project Gatineau, please e-mail us at


The Microsoft Project Gatineau Team

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