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Lots O’ Announcement Re Home Server

Bunch of stuff’s been announced lately, mostly at the WinHEC conference:

Microsoft announced a number of things for Windows Home Server. They announced new hardware partners for the platform, with Acer, Gateway, LaCie and Medion joining HP as companies planning on shipping Home Servers. Medion in particular announced a system scheduled to ship by the end of the year. A new Community Technology Preview release is imminent. Home Server is on track to be released this fall.

They also announced new software partners. DiskKeeper will be adding Home Server support in its software, taking advantage of the server to improve itself. Embedded Automation Inc.’s mControl software will integrate with the server to help manage home automation systems, as well as Lagotek Corp.’s Home Intelligence Platform. F-Secure’s software will work with Home Server for better home network security. Iron Mountain’s data protection services will work with Home Server. PacketVideo Corp.’s PacketVideo Connect will add streaming of media from a Home Server. Riptopia CD’s software will allow users to load their entire CD collection on a server for backup and protection. SageTV will release software to use the Home Server as a media server for TVs, PCs and placeshifting (like a SlingBox).

Also, Home Server has finally been confirmed as being available for system builders, as expected. You will be able to buy a copy of the Home Server software to build your own solution. Also, Microsoft is offering prizes for independent developers of cool Home Server hardware and software plugins, up to $10,000.

Microsoft also says Windows Live OneCare and Windows Vista search will be updated to take advantage of and use the Home Server.

Microsoft also unveiled Microsoft Math 3.0, a $20 piece of software for middle/high school/undergraduate students to get help with learning math.

Microsoft Math 3.0 features an extensive collection of capabilities to help students tackle complicated problems in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics and chemistry, and puts them all in one convenient place on the home PC.

It features a graphic calculator, step-by-step math solutions, a Formulas and Equations Library, a Triangle Solver, unit conversions, and ink support for Tablet PCs.

Microsoft is also showing off the box for Windows Server 2008. It’s the same box as the new Vista and Office 2007 cases. Cool.

For more announcement check out Microsoft’s CEO summit. Bill Gates is speaking right now. You can watch the live stream here (the first time I think they’ve offered a stream of this confererence).

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