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Live Search Club: No Girlz Allowd!


Uh, so Windows Live has this Live Search Club. It looks like you can win prizes for playing games with names like “Clink”, “Flexicon”, and “Dingbats”. LiveSide says they’re pretty easy. It’s a promo site, with prizes, like any other, so why can’t I get the picture of a Live Search clubhouse out of my head?

They just had to call it Live Search Club, didn’t they? Where’s my decoder ring?!

UPDATE: These games are getting very popular, so I’ve decided to post about each of the games. Check out the links below, and read how Live Search Club is saving the Windows Live division:


May 17th, 2007 Posted by | Live, Windows | 56 comments

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  1. Yea its a pretty cool site. Please check out my Live Search Club Forum site:


    Comment by Mister Derp | May 21, 2007

  2. Yea its a pretty cool site. Please check out my Live Search Club Forum site:


    Comment by Mister Derp | May 21, 2007

  3. It would be great if it worked on a consistent basis. They promise new puzzles every day, yet it’s been 2, almost 3 days since I ran out of Clink puzzles.

    Today it loads the game but immediately ends the game and awards me zero tokens, before I even get a chance to play the game (Dingbats).

    I was using the hint feature on a game of Flexicon the other day, and the Live Search came up with a couple of PORN websites in the search results. WTF?

    If MSN is trying to “sell” their search engine, they aren’t doing it very successfully, not to me anyways. I think I’ll stick with Google search, thank you very much.

    Comment by Lisa | May 30, 2007

  4. Unfortunately they ship FEDEX. They have lost two packages of mine in 3 weeks, including my prize. Wish they had an option to ship UPS.

    Comment by David Eames | June 5, 2007

  5. I was wondering why the prize description for song downloads *says* that they email you the code for the site from which you can download your prize…and then ask for my shipping info instead. Looks like this still has a lot of bugs to work out. Wonder how many other people have been Microshafted?

    Comment by Veronika | June 13, 2007

  6. Count me in on that. I spent days amassing 6000 tickets for a copy of Vista Ultimate, and lo and behold, they pulled it as a prize. Thanks for wasting my time, Microsoft.

    Comment by Executor | June 26, 2007

  7. I noticed they pulled the 360 controller, webcam, and vista for a day and then put the controller and webcam back up. Did they run out of copies of vista? Does anyone know if they will put it back up at a later date, or add more/better prizes? Also are they ever going to add more games to the site so ppl can actually have a chance at getting the zune or 360 or are they just going to waste our time giving us hope while they get search hits off of us so they can publish search stats?

    Comment by XACE | June 27, 2007

  8. I must admit I was turning into a bit of any addict about the games. And true ‘pusher’ form Microsoft started screwing me over on the product. Kissess

    Comment by Sparkle | June 30, 2007

  9. Apart from Executor – I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. You play games and get stuff. No catches. Geez.

    Comment by Nicko | July 5, 2007

  10. [...] did it happen? Surprisingly, there’s a very direct answer that accounts for the entire gain: The Live Search Club. The site, where you play games for prizes, is contributing heavily towards bringing new searchers [...]

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  11. Check out for the latest information about Club Live.

    Comment by Sir | July 10, 2007

  12. [...] after discovering that the Live Search Club may be saving the entire Windows Live division, I had to check it out, especially the big hit of [...]

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  13. This is the most confusing game site I have ever entered into. I put the site on my “favorites.” Every time I go backto play a game I get some message giving me excuses why it doesn’t work. If Microsoft set out to make users mad, they have succeeded with me 100%! I now over 2000 tickets which I can’t get to!!!

    Comment by Bill Hurtado | July 17, 2007

  14. Works perfectly fine for me…

    Comment by Nicko | July 18, 2007

  15. I haven’t been able to get onto the site for 3 days. What’s going on?

    Comment by Tiffany | July 19, 2007

  16. Chicktionary show players amassing over 6000 points this week. I’ve been trying to play for 2 weeks (900+ points on this game 3 weeks ago) and popup keeps saying I’ve played all available games. MS trying to avoid awarding gifts???

    Comment by rich1013 | July 23, 2007

  17. I logged on today and I still have the 900+ points, but the tickets have disappeared. Now, every game I play gives me ZERO points upon completion. Now what? I can’t find anyone to tell this to. Help please?????

    Comment by Deborah Clement | July 27, 2007

  18. Sorry, it was 9000+ points and now no tickets at all, still Zero for any game attempts. Help!!!!!

    Comment by Deborah Clement | July 27, 2007

  19. My live search club has not been working for 3 days.It loads puzzle and allows you to solve it,but then shows “Communication Error server not responding try again later”. I have also tried it from my computer at work with same result.Makes it kinda hard to score tickets.Anybody know what’s up?

    Comment by Dave | July 27, 2007

  20. after accruing only 1900 pts in chicktionary compared to others 6000 pts, i only get the all puzzles completed message. this has been going on for 3 weeks now. there is no way i finished all the puzzles but i am a very good anagrammer so they probably think i am a cheat. now they are doing the same with flexicon.

    Comment by roes | July 28, 2007

  21. all puzzels completed has been on my screen for at least 2 months. that sucks. make some more puzzles.

    Comment by jason | August 5, 2007

  22. I have been trying to contact someone with an answer. I have been playing the games for a couple of months and now they say new games will be added daily, but they aren’t and I have no more games to play. When will games be added? I’m homebound, and enjoy playing the games and would like a phone number where I can call and talk to someone…..Thanks, Please answer

    Comment by Barb Wegner | August 9, 2007

  23. Hi, I’ve been having some trouble with this company.
    I have posted a blog of the various things I’ve tried here:

    Comment by Greg | August 9, 2007


    Comment by imP | August 11, 2007

  25. I have “completed” Chicktionary, Clink, and Crosswires. When I look at the “Leader Board” I see people with 10x to 20x more points than I have on those same games. Some of those totals are “This Week’s Leaders” If I have played and completed them all, how are these people getting way more points than I can get? Something is not right with how this is working.

    Comment by Tim | August 16, 2007

  26. So has ANYBODY found a way to get to a real person that is willing to discuss problems with the MSN livesearchclub?
    I’ve had problems too.

    Comment by Lynn | August 24, 2007

  27. sorry barb,
    i am almost in the same boat as you- one by one they are making the games inaccessible to me. i am down to a couple of the low scoring games but expect that soon they will give me the all games played message. i am very good (and fast) at word games and i was shut down from playing chicktionary after only the first two weeks! have gotten that message ever since. two weeks later got shut out of flexicon. a week after that,crosswire. i know they assume that anyone that plays these games completely and quickly must be cheating. what a bummer.

    Comment by ro | August 30, 2007

  28. can anyone help with the answer to the 26th puzzle on the query search game? i got the seeing beyond the range of natural vision clue but the hints don’t work for me.

    Comment by ro | September 23, 2007

  29. I ordered the Windows Vista (6000 pts) back in July. Ship date was supposed to be August 3rd. Here it is the middle of October, and still no prize or even a notification of shipment. I tried the “help” and sent a message, copying my order confirmation, and all I get is a standard form answer back. No information on my “prize”.

    Comment by Crymsn | October 13, 2007

  30. I also ordered a Zune, hope I don’t get screwed on that one too.

    Comment by Crymsn | October 13, 2007

  31. I believe they are deliberately restricting the number of games available to make sure very few (or nobody) gets an Xbox. The totals for the all-time leaders haven’t changed in months. Attracting new customers to your search engine is a brilliant idea. Blatantly screwing them and pissing them off is worse than not attracting them in the first place. I’m normally not into Microsoft bashing but this sucks.

    Comment by Mike | October 19, 2007

  32. Am I the only Seekadoo addict that hasn’t been able to get the page to load in a couple days?

    Comment by christina | October 19, 2007

  33. MS is really pissing a lot of people off. 98% of the time I can’t login; I’m getting the “you finished all the games..” message; and lately when logged-in, the connection to the site server is getting rrrrrrrreeeeaaalllllllyyyyy ssssslllloooowwwwwwww,not to mention very freaking annoying!
    I’ve been playing for about three weeks now, but if this keeps up, I am donating all my points to a charaty group and shuting off MS from my PC.

    Comment by El Greco | October 21, 2007

  34. I have received so far :
    The Live Chat LX-3000 headset and a tote bag when they said they would be sent.!!!
    Have more stuff on order, but since the site is either down or unaccessible to me, gotta wonder if I’ll get the rest

    Comment by lora | October 21, 2007

  35. I have over 10,000 points and now the site is down. They are not very good at adding new games either. Anyone know what is going on with the site?

    Comment by Cheryl | October 24, 2007

  36. has any one else benn haveing trouble with the site this week? i think i may have found a way around the problem but its only temperary.all you have to do add a new user to your computer. problem is it only last a day or two .

    Comment by Heidi J Hood | October 25, 2007

  37. If you are having problems getting into the site, try deleting your cookies. If you have Firefox it is very easy under the options menu. You can delete all your cookies or just the set. It apears they chaged something that screwed up the cookies. I think if you log out everytime mite work also or try unclicking remember me at log in.

    Comment by Justin | October 26, 2007

  38. What up with this site. Been trying to access it all week and keep getting a message saying “Item has moved here.” Thing is when I click “here” nothing happens. I love playing the games and have amassed 7000+ points. Would love to play more games points or not. Frustrating to say the least.

    Comment by Faye Saldana | October 27, 2007

  39. Hey guys..Ok, I had more than 40,000 tickets before I ordered the x-pro bundle 3 days ago. I now have confirmation from them for the order and feel very confident I will recieve it. I have recieved all I have ordered so far, so dont worry about getting your stuff as long as you follow the rules. Here are a few of my experiences, hope this helps:

    If you get: “The Object has moved here”

    I got that few times and found that by logging out of my Hotmail account, then re-logging back into LSC, I was always able to re-access the site. All you have to do then is log back in to LSC. Consider this if you have a Hotmail account.

    If you get: “Server Communication Error”

    Try updating to the latest version of Flash. If that dont work, COMPLETELY uninstall Flash, then re-install the new version. This worked for me whenever it came up.

    Fellow puzzlers, keep in mind, when you get up to the high ticket range, say 25,000 and up, you will notice the errors happen more often..Why? Good question, I would like to know myself, However, it seems that if you play fair, dont try to sign up for 25 accounts, use cheats or other e-debauchery, and learn to roll with MS’s changes, you should be ok, AND get your prizes.

    As I said, they have always kept their end of the deal so far. I will update when I recieve the 360….

    BTW…For some reason MS has disabled Seekadoo for high ticketers, at least until they make more…I have tried everthing to remedy this to no avail….Anyone having other luck please post…PUZZLING SPEED!

    Comment by high-ticketer | October 27, 2007

  40. I have not been able to access live club games from my home computer. Is any else having this problem?

    Comment by Scott Black | October 28, 2007

  41. In response to ro’s comment # 28 of Sept. 23, we’re looking for this answer, too. Any ideas anyone? For what shall we search the internet? Have you found anything?

    Comment by Amy | October 28, 2007

  42. The answer to Search queries is Clairvoyant or Clairvoyance, I cant remember which now…Hope that helps

    Comment by high-ticketer | October 30, 2007

  43. Looks to me that the Live Search Club is DEAD. haven’t been able to get on the site for 2 weeks.

    Comment by Dennis | November 2, 2007

  44. I have received everything that I “won.”

    Comment by BigMama | November 3, 2007

  45. I have received all the prizes I have won however for the last 2 days I have not been able to access this site from my home computer and yet I have been able to open other sites.

    Comment by Edda Cuevas | November 5, 2007

  46. what the hell is live search club? judging from the bad reports, i don’t want to know. lol.

    Comment by brett | November 5, 2007

  47. Class Action Lawsuit to get our unfairly canceled prize orders. If you played legit or botted in early july before they changed the TOS and rules, you can join the class action lawsuit against MS. Here is a link to the forum where you can find out how to join:

    Comment by Chris | November 6, 2007

  48. Ya- that’s a bunch of bull!!! I got the 30,000 required and they removed the xbox from the list of prizes!!! And right when I was getting close to winning it, I kept getting the message”All games are completed” forcing me to wait on them to supply new games- all so they could remove the xbox prize.
    Don’t waste your time with this scam!!

    Comment by what a croc | November 8, 2007

  49. [...] have been showing up in increasing numbers at my original six month old Live Search Club post, complaining about cancelled or undelivered prize orders, a dead website, removed prizes and bugs. [...]

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  50. I am locked out of Seekado too — my favorite game!
    I’m also really mad that they removed the xbox 360!

    However, I don’t think that the website is dead for you guys. I spent several days thinking that I would never get the site to come back. I tried deleting my temporary internet files and cookies, and the site was back! It has gone “dead” on me a few times since, and every time I get it back by deleting my cookies. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s usually under Tools, Internet Options, but it depends on the browser.

    I hope this helps!

    Comment by beth | November 20, 2007

  51. Hey, I just cashed in tickets for Air Rewards. I got my AA points credited to my account. That is cool. Flying for free for killing some time.

    I hope they launch something like this for plain search…like the charity giving thing.

    Comment by Mike | November 23, 2007

  52. I have been a member with live club games for along time.I have received about 4 prizes from them with no problems at all. Then all the sudden I can not access the web page at all. I have wrote to them through email with nothing in return. Is this page dead or am I doing something wrong. I downloaded the Live search pages thinking this might help. However still nothing. Can you help me? Thanks in advance for anything you might do to help.

    Comment by Melissa | November 26, 2007

  53. Hey guys, I got 27401 lifetime points, 18140 current points and 16591 flexicon alltime points, and I’m like 160 points from the 10th place person with the games maxed out, lol. So I don’t know what’s up with the leaderboard, it’s not that important though.

    I too joined just to get the Xbox, however, I wanted to see if they would actually send me something else first, so I got ordered 4 things. I’ve received 3 of them so far, including both microsoft headsets, and the zx6000 webcam or w/e. I’m still waiting on the 256 mb usb memory stick, but should get that in a week or so.

    I was pissed when they removed the Xbox 360 as a prize, I got about 1/2 the points necessary for it, and I hope they return it soon. I believe they will return it as a prize, because they have 4 games for Xbox, a wireless controller, and faceplate for Xbox, so I have to assume they wouldn’t keep these items as prizes if they didn’t intend to return the Xbox 360 as a prize. Let’s hope for the best, and keep earning those points so when they do return the Xbox 360 as a prize, we can all claim one :D

    Comment by Dave | November 26, 2007

  54. P.S. for all those getting the “Object has moved here” error, you just have to clear/delete your cookies/cache, and the error goes away instantly.

    Comment by Dave | November 26, 2007

  55. P.P.S. I just found out why some people have higher points with the games maxed out than others do. Here’s a quote from

    “Installing the Live Search Club Toolbar for Internet Explorer 6 or higher will make it possible to obtain higher amounts of tickets. With the toolbar your default Search provider will be changed to Live Search and with each search you will earn one (1) addition ticket. Only 10 tickets per day may be earned using this method.”

    Comment by Dave | November 26, 2007

  56. The Xbox is back on prizes page, but out of stock.

    Also, there are several new kickass prizes, including a Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS, iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot, and a Samsung Widescreen DVD Camcorder for 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000 tickets respectfully.

    Now if only there was some new games so we could actually win them :P

    Comment by Dave | December 1, 2007

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