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Windows Live Gallery Offering Sponsorship Opportunities

Microsoft plans to let developers with products on Windows Live Gallery the opportunity to purchase or receive premium placement in the Gallery for their products, according to a podcast at LiveSide. Developers will be placed in one of three tiers:

  • Regular contributor – this is just the standard, which anyone gets by placing anything in Windows Live Gallery. If you’re there, you’re getting it already.
  • Silver Partner – based on merit, like having popular content, your stuff will be elevated and features in various sections of the Gallery, which will help expose the best stuff to even more users. Because it’s based on merit, it’s totally free, but your stuff has got to be good (or at least a lot of people need to think so).
  • Gold Partner – by establishing a business relationship with Microsoft, developers can get their content featured higher in the Gallery. This means a process for partnering with Microsoft (i.e. – money) to preferred inclusion on, the Windows Vista Sidebar, and in the directory of Windows Live Gallery

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