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Halo 3 Expected To Sell 4.2 Million In Six Days

Analysts at Goldman-Sachs are predicting Halo 3 will be bought by almost one-third of all Xbox 360 owners in its first week of release, moving 4.2 million copies (out of a predicted 13.2 million owners), earning $170 million for the company. Halo 2 sold 2.38 million copies on its first day, amassing an all-time record $125 million (more than any movie/DVD/book/CD has earned in one day), a record Microsoft would love to break, but will have a hard time doing.

In its first quarter, about six weeks, Halo 2 sold 7.5 million copies. Halo 3′s first quarter is only six days long, from September 25-30, and for it to sell 7.5 million in six weeks would be amazing, requiring half of all 360 owners picking up a copy. Microsoft is banking on this blockbuster to give the Xbox division its first profitable quarter, with just six days of sales enough to accomplish that.

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