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SideShow Patented

Microsoft has acquired a patent covering SideShow, ensuring the platform remains exclusive to Windows. Microsoft first presented SideShow back in 2001. The patent covers, “A portable computer system and method include an auxiliary system”.

Speaking of worrying about other companies stealing your technology, a year ago Steve Jobs said there was a secret feature in Leopard that they couldn’t present then for fear that Microsoft’s “photocopiers” would clone the feature in Windows Vista. A year later, after Steve Jobs presented all the features left in Mac OS 10.5, it’s clear he was talking about a feature that never shipped, or was drastically overstating the importance of that feature.

That is, unless he revealed it at some point yesterday and nobody cared. Could be. The WWDC 2007 keynote didn’t exactly wow the stock market.


Oh, and a security expert claimed to have hacked Apple’s new Safari browser for Windows within minutes of its release. Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoops.
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UPDATE: And if you are not a fan of the font rendering in Safari, you’re not alone. Here’s an article comparing it with Windows’ own font rendering.

UPDATE 2: Wait a minute, Leopard costs $130? Isn’t that a bit much for an operating system update? I mean, you can go from Windows XP to Windows Vista Home Premium for $112-125, and that’s an actual new operating system. Why does Apple charge so much for service packs, and what would they charge for OS XI? $400?

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