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OneNote Success Stories

It’s no secret I love OneNote, the most innovative application added to Microsoft Office in many years, and don’t hesitate to show off how great it is. Don’t believe me? Daniel Escapa has a bunch of links to people who have said some great things recently praising OneNote.

Some examples:

I’ve used OneNote since Friday and already I’m addicted. Everything I want is right here in this one, handy dandy little program.

This leads me onto my now-favourite-application


this app is stunning, it blew myself and colleagues away with hand writing search and recognition. I could write/scribble something on the screen, and my friend could scribble it in and OneNote would find it.

But the fancy content is not the killer feature (although they are sufficiently rich and easy to use that I don’t secretly pine for wiki markup like I used to). What’s killer are the sharing capabilities; specifically in three areas:

  1. Between computers: I take my laptop to meetings, but it’s obviously much more comfortable typing on my desktop (where I have a lot more screen real estate not to mention an ultra-comfy keyboard). So I keep copies of OneNote open on my desktop and laptop, set my notebook to be shared between computers, and it automatically keeps in sync between the two in near-real-time.
  2. Between colleagues: instead of a wiki page, we can share a notebook that’s stored on a SharePoint site. We can work on the notebook offline, and when we’re online it periodically syncs to the server, marking who made what changes as we go.
  3. Live sharing: in a meeting, if we want to collaborate on note-taking, one of us just has to mark their notebook for live sharing, then sends each of us (e.g. via IM or e-mail) their IP and some password they make up. We connect to their machine and voila! real-time collaborative editing of the full-featured notebook!

I’m sure there are other tools out there that do similar things like note-taking (Google Notebook), or realtime collaborative editing (SubEthaEdit), but I was impressed that one cohesive package Just Worked.

Microsoft One’fuckin’Note is the future!

I want to start a family with my new love: Microsoft OneNote 2007

Tell me how cool this piece of software is!

There are plenty more of these. People who use OneNote extensively tend to love it, so why don’t you?

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