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Microsoft On Facebook: 17,802 Strong

ray-ozzie-on-facebook.jpgMicrosoft has a giant presence on Facebook, with over 17,000 employees (out of 70,000 worldwide) joining their Facebook network. Since you need a Microsoft email address to get it, it’s highly unlikely these are anything but real Microsofties, and the large number means Facebook is becoming a pretty important means of communication inside MS.

You’ll be able to find the real profile of Bill Gates in there, and discover that he has only 57 friends, while Ray Ozzie has 105 friends, including Mike Arrington, Steve Ballmer, Don Box, Joanne Bradford, Steve Case, Steve Chen, Anil Dash, Gary Flake, Steven Levy of Newsweek, Dare Obasanjo, Jeff Sandquist, Robert Scoble, and Mark Zuckerberg. Weird that out of all those people, Gates is only friends with Ozzie and Sinofsky. Bill, it’s Facebook! Start being more friendly!

Ray Ozzie’s profile picture, shown above, is very cool.
(via Sean)

July 24th, 2007 Posted by | Corporate | 2 comments

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  2. Whoa, time to add Bill Gates.

    And anyways, I just got a pop-up too. I’m sure it’s not adware on our ends; some advertiser is playing dirty on your end… :(

    Comment by Albert | July 24, 2007

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