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Mac Office 2008 Delayed

Office 2008 Mac galleryMicrosoft has announced it had to delay the Release To Manufacturing of Office 2008 for Apple Macs until December of this year, which means Mac users won’t get the new version until January 2008. Microsoft had hoped to get the product out before the holiday shopping season, so they are visibly dissapointed. Expect to see the product released for Macworld 2008, January 14-18.

Much of the delay can be attributed to having to re-engineer the product for Intel Macs, as well as the new Office Open XML file formats. As a consequence, the file converters for Office 2004, which will allow those programs to run Office 2008/2007 files, will not be available until about eight weeks after Office 2008 ships.

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All Signs Point To Xbox 360 Price Drop

Leaks are coming at the rate of several a day that an Xbox 360 price drop is imminent, sometime in the next ten days. A Circuit City ad shows that you should be able to get an Xbox 360 Premium, the most common version of the system, for $350, fifty bucks less than now, starting August 12. A Core system, without a hard drive, will go for $280, a drop of $20, and the big hard drive’d Elite will drop thirty to $450. The Premium comes with a free copy of Rockstar’s Table Tennis (which rocks).

Other reports have Wal-Mart selling the Premium at $350 the week of August 10, a Hollywood Reporter article that says there will be a $50 cut in August, and a Toys R Us ad that shows a $350 Xbox 360 the week of August 13. Also, a strange leak shows Best Buy stopping to stock the 360 Core, which is strange given the new low price (though it could indicate the model is being discontinued once stock runs out).

Gamestop sent out a letter to stores indicating they would be receiving important signs from Microsoft next week on August 8, and not to display the signs early if they get them. Sounds like an exciting week ahead, and hopefully a nice boost for Microsoft. If word that the Premium is getting an HDMI port soon is true, it could be nice to have my 360 break on me in a month or two.

Will the price cut be enough? Certainly, if Sony lets $500 PS3 stock run out as all indications are saying, a $280 with no drive and a $450 with a 120-gig drive looks like a bargain compared with a $600 with an 80-gig drive (unless you must have Blu-Ray, which no one does). Now, if Sony replenishes the $500 model with the 80-gigger once the 60 runs out, it’s in better shape, but without a decent games library, Microsoft still has a good position.

This ain’t over by a longshot. This could be a real close and long console war. That, or Sony never reaches high enough levels, and the reign of PlayStation is over.

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How To Tell If Your Xbox 360 Will Survive

xbox-360-fire-ring.jpgGAMER.BLORGE has instructions on how you can tell if your Xbox 360 has the new heatsink that should allow it to last a lot longer than the heatsink-less 360, which has been known to melt under extreme conditions. Or non-extreme conditions. Or in Alaska.

Anyway, the instructions are to flip your box over, get your digital camera all up in it, and snap a picture through the holes. They’ve got pictures showing you how to position it, so go read up and start having fun. If you’ve got a heatsink, rejoice. If you don’t, you’ve got the new three-year warranty to look forward to, since you’ll be taking advantage of that eventually.
(via Slashdot Firehose)

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