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Windows Live SkyDrive Replaces Folders

Windows Live SkyDrive has launched, and with it, a decent update to what was briefly called Windows Live Folders. SkyDrive offers 500 megabytes of free storage and the ability to store files in private or public folders, and automatically display public folders on a Windows Live Space. You can embed folders on websites as easily as embeding a YouTube video, and SkyDrive now displays thumbnail previews of your images.

Here’s a video by Brandon LeBlanc showing off the new UI and features:

Video: Demo: Windows Live SkyDrive

Scott at LiveSide wrote a plugin for Windows Live Writer that lets you ember your public folders in a blog post.

August 13th, 2007 Posted by | General, Live, Windows | 2 comments

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to provide all of that info…but, I do have one question that I don’t think was addressed. You said it was possible to embed skydriver files within a blog, but you only mentioned “public” files. Can we do the same with a shared file (meaning those files that are only ‘public’ to those we designate”)?

    Comment by Chris | August 14, 2007

  2. Hi Chris. I think you should be able to embed all files, even private files, within a blog, but it’s questionable if your readers would be able to open them. If you designate them as shared, your readers should be able to access them. Worth trying out. Let me know how it works.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | August 14, 2007

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