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Windows Home Server: About $150-250

The pricing of Windows Home Server hasn’t been released, and it never officially will be. Officially, there is no retail version of Home Server, just the version made for the system builder/OEM channel. Sellers of that version will probably not say what they paid for it, and Microsoft isn’t telling, so different stores will come up with different prices for the install disk.

What we do know is that a few places are selling Home Server, and this is what they are charging:

(prices via MSWHS > Ars)

How much will you pay? I can guarantee it won’t be higher than $175, except at price gouging online stores, and I expect the price to be $150 at most places. If the Europeans are getting a raw deal, then $125 might even be possible. At those prices, turning an old computer into a Home Server is going to look like a great idea.

August 20th, 2007 Posted by | Home Server, Server, Windows | 3 comments

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  1. I remember you had come up with pricing for Home Server a few months back. and you had estimated aroudn $600. Is $150 for the headless box and the OS both or only the OS ? If former, for a $150, I would buy it on the very day it is available.

    Comment by Kandarp | August 20, 2007

  2. That’s the price for just the price for just the install disk. You could easily get an old computer to handle the work, and if you don’t have one, you could buy an old computer for under $200 to act as a Home Server. I’m guessing $500 will get you a decent OEM Home Server, and if it doesn’t, I’ll build it for you.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | August 21, 2007

  3. [...] pretty much matching the low end of the pricing on international sites, though higher than I had hoped. I thought the U.S. usually got a lower [...]

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