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Was The Xbox Price Cut Needed?

Gerson Lehrman Group is wondering if the timing of the Xbox 360 price cut was too early, or if the cut was even necessary. They reason that a cut is needed if your product has something to gain, but with Sony’s still-too-expensive console, Nintendo’s regardless of the industry sales, Halo 3 and the 360 Elite, Microsoft didn’t gain much at all.

I’d have to disagree. Sony’s had a bad year, possibly a terrible year. Sony’s price cut is probably the only reason they’re even still in this console war, and you don’t let a competitor improve without a response. The PS3 is improving, no doubt, and it would have been stupid to do nothing. Microsoft is doing what it needs to to keeps Sony down, and to keep its next-gen lead, and that’s why the price cut had to happen.
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August 27th, 2007 Posted by | General, Halo, Halo 3, Sony, Xbox, Xbox 360 | one comment

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  1. Yes, the Xbox 360 price cut was essential. Sony has beat the others for several years. Now Sony’s biggest challenge is to get the masses of PS2 owners to shell out on new PS3. Which is not going to be easy. Microsoft won’t struggle there. I noticed Xbox 1 games dissapear from stockists shelfs gradually over the past year.

    Comment by Xbox Elite Player | August 27, 2007

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