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Second Live Action Halo Short Revealed, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Ad, Stupid PS3 Ads, Halo Wars Footage

Gamersyde caught some low quality camera footage of Neill Blomkamp’s second Halo live action Halo short, this one with some Warthog action. The purpose of this seems to be to show what a movie could be like, but I don’t see enough to really capture the excitement of the games. Take a look:

You can download higher resolution versions (though the quality doesn’t improve) at Gamersyde.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s that you expect more people shooting at each other, more aliens, more personality from the soldiers, more music, but it just doesn’t feel like Halo to me. Put this guy on a World War II movie, that could work better.
(via Joystiq)

To see a full quality version, use any browser with Silverlight installed and go to, which is featuring the short and a bunch of other Halo videos in a great experience.
(via Mark Johnston)

Then there’s also this Mountain Dew Game Fuel commercial, centered around the drink’s promotion as the drink of Halo 3:

If you ask me, the other players were probably drinking too much Game Fuel. Anyone try out this drink yet? Is it any good?

Kotaku’s got another ad, one of those awful internet ads that ask you to do something to win something. What’s hilarious is that this one asks you to help Halo’s Master Chief defeat the Covenant in order to win a PS3. Is there any way to lose on purpose?

Finally, if you want a good look at what to expect in Halo Wars, the real-time strategy game coming in the Halo universe, here’s ten minutes of new footage, including a little background and a lot of in-game footage:

Once again, I feel like this looks nice, and will probably be fun to play, but it doesn’t have the gameplay I feel when I play Halo. Shouldn’t units be taking cover? Why do they stand around, shooting at each other, only moving after the other side has died (and they’ve taken a lot of damage)? Shouldn’t the units in these games take cover when under fire?

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