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Psychedelia Visualization Pack Released For Media Player


Tim Cowley (designer of Windows Vista screen savers) and Stephen Coy (engineer for Office) teamed up to release a package of “unofficial” visualizations for Windows Media Player, based on the Vista screen savers. Psychedelia, this viz pack for WMP, is available for download after a year delay in certification testing* at

Long Zheng lists the different visualization families within the pack:

  • Album Art 3D – 3D cubes with the album art of the song you’re currently playing
  • Bubbles – inspired by the Bubbles Vista screensavers also featuring the album art
  • Distortion – distorts the album art in a 3D waveform
  • Hypnobloom – hypnotic checkered purple rings
  • Ribbons – inspired by the Mystify and Ribbons Vista screensavers (as seen above)
  • Gigertron 3D – 3D layered visualizer bars
  • up cuber – a pigment arrangement of 3D hexagon cubes

The album art-based visualizations seem to have trouble picking up the album art of the currently playing song, but either way this visualization pack is a must-have for and Windows Media Player user. It looks great, and is well worth the two seconds to download and install. They work in Windows XP and Vista, so long as you have WMP.

* – If you ever wonder why Microsoft products are never “cool”, this is why. A year for certification? Of an unofficial viz pack? By two Microsofties? What hope do the rest of us have of making cool stuff? Microsoft needs to fire the certification team and hire a new team under the “more is more” motto.

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