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Finally Got Windows Live Hotmail


Went into my Hotmail account and saw some great news: My inbox was running out of space. The reason why this didn’t suck? It meant Microsoft had finally cancelled my MSN Premium subscription and I could upgrade to Windows Live Hotmail!

I liked some of the perks of MSN Premium, some of the free stuff, but if you are going to ignore the needs of your customers and give upgrades to everyone but a bunch of paying customers, you don’t deserve my business. Goodbye, MSN Premium, hello three-pane AJAX goodness and a five-gig inbox (three gigs bigger than my MSN Premium inbox).

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Microsoft Hires WebGuide Developer, Software Now Free


Microsoft has gone and hired Doug Berrett, developer of WebGuide. WebGuide is an amazing piece of software that lets you access Windows Media Center (XP or Vista) from a web browser, letting you watch live TV and recordings, schedule new recordings, access music and pictures, all over any internet connection, and do pretty much the same thing through Windows Mobile as well. It’s amazing, and it is now 100% free!

Microsoft hired Doug to work on Media Center development (though not related to the things WebGuide does), so he wrapped up development and removed the $18 price tag. Active development of WebGuide is over, which is a shame, so hopefully someone will think about doing open source updates, though the software is pretty excellent already. Download WebGuide now that it’s free and see what the fuss is about.

Interestingly, there is a recent beta of WebGuide for Windows Home Server. Hopefully Doug will let someone else complete the project, because that is too damn useful to not be finished.
(via Download Squad and Neowin)

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How To Install Windows Live Suite On 64-Bit Systems

Like the idea of the Windows Live Suite? Well, if you’ve got a 64-bit computer, you’re out of luck, since it will refuse to install on your system.

Oh no it won’t!

This blog has instructions on how to get it on x64 Windows. It’s not a perfect solution. Basically, it relies on tricking the installer into running on 64-bit Windows and downloading the 64-bit versions of the applications. Normally, the installer won’t run, but with this fix it will run and fail, but will download the installer packages you need, which you can easily run and finish the job.

The instructions:

  1. Patch WLinstaller.exe
    At offset 0×1B9F0, change 74 to EB
  2. Execute WLinstaller.exe
    Attempt to install all products, ignore the installer errors and exit
  3. Navigate to %systemroot%\Syswow64\config\systemprofile\AppData\
  4. Use the handy dandy chart below to install the products you want to install/update.

    Windows Live Writer

    Windows Live Messenger

    Windows Live Sign-In Assistant

    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Toolbar

    Windows Live Photo Gallery

(via Long Zheng)

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Windows Live Suite Launches


Microsoft finally delivered the first Windows Live Suite, a single installer that allows you to install a number of Windows Live programs as a single download that updates regularly. Go to this site and configure your 1.8 megabyte download, picking from these products:

  • Windows Live Mail – the ad-supported desktop email client that integrates well with Windows Live Hotmail, but lets you add any regular email account, plus RSS feeds, spell checking, PhotoMail and Windows Live Contacts. Replaces Outlook Express in Windows XP and Windows Mail in Windows Vista.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery – software for managing, finding, sharing, tagging and editing photos. Replaces Windows Photo Gallery in Vista and is a completely new feature for XP.
  • Windows Live Writer – blog posting tool, supporting almost all popular blogging software. Considered one of the best products in its category.
  • Windows Live Messenger – instant messaging, compatible with Yahoo Messenger. By getting it as part of the Suite, you don’t have to worry as much about installing new versions.
  • Windows Live Sign-In assistant – required install, helps you sign in to Windows Live ID. When you visit a Windows Live ID site in your browser, the sign-in assistant can help out by displaying large buttons for various Live IDs and, in some cases, letting you just click on the account you want to sign in.
  • Windows Live OneCare Family Safety – parental control software, allows parents to monitor and restrict a child’s internet access
  • Windows Live Toolbar – Internet Explorer toolbar, very powerful toolbar for accessing Windows Live sites and services.


All the software included features newer updated versions. Live Messenger has some bugs fixed. Live Mail has a new List View for contacts, contacts import/export improvements, toolbar customization, Quick Views, improved Layout Dialog options, changing your sign in account, Photo E-Mail updates and Newsgroup updates.

Live Writer is hugely improved. The new version has video insertion (from Soapbox, including your own account, and other video websites), image uploading to Blogger/PicasaWeb, the ability to publish XHTML-style markup, 28 new languages, printing blog posts, justifying and aligning post text, and better image handling, including a fix for the blurry images problem, in addition to bug fixes and installation issues.

Live Photo Gallery gets improved color adjustment and cropping capabilities, image sharpening, shadow and highlight levels, image resizing, batch image resizing, a picture import tool that grabs pictures from your camera in a much better way than Vista or XP do, publishing photos to Windows Live Spaces and videos to MSN Soapbox. This is the first public beta of this software, also.

One complaint: The Suite is not yet available for 64-bit systems.


Curiously, the Suite offers to set your homepage to, not, which probably indicates the change in strategy away from the personalized homepage.

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Gears of War Maps Now Free

Today we find out how patient you were. Hidden Fronts, the map pack released for the smash hit Xbox 360 game Gears of War, was made free this week. Four months ago, the pack was released on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points, or ten dollars, with the understanding that it would later be free (I blogged, “Don’t Buy It”). So, did you give into temptation and buy it, or did you wait patiently and get it for free? I waited. Who else?

Apparently, 500,000 people did buy it, at a cost of five million dollars. Obviously, this was a good decision by Microsoft, making a lot of extra money while still giving it away eventually.

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