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Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Pack Coming


Gametap has details on Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration, the first expansion pack for the latest entry in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series. Acceleration adds more mission-based play, including rescues, cargo delivery, dangerous landings, and even the legendary Vomit Comet. There are even some additions that go more towards fun and away from the game’s typical audience, including fighter jets, UFO interception missions (ripped off from the final scene of Independence Day), aircraft carrier landings, plus single- and multi-player races.

The goal of the expansion is to open Flight Simulator to a different audience. While core fans of the game come for the accurate and detailed simulation, the expansion brings it more into videogame territory in order to appeal to a more casual audience, and the results look great. Hardcore sim fans don’t need to worry about their simulation being overshadowed, and casual fans have a nice reason to pick it up.

Here’s the trailer for the Flight Simulator X: Acceleration:

Expect to see Acceleration in stores sometime this fall.

Sebastien St-Laurent says that Microsoft’s implemented some performance enhancements with this release, and that those who don’t buy the expansion pack will receive those updates for free as a service pack.

Also, looks like fans of the series are gathering on one of my posts from two months back, all showing support for Flight Simulator coming to the Xbox 360. Go there and join the discussion.

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  1. I’ll have to admit that the game flight simulator have always been a bit too technical for me. To play the role of a real pilot is a bit too much for me. But if it gets an expansion like this, i sure might be interested. The trailer looks pretty cool, it makes me think of the difference between table rpg player and video games rpg players, the game has been modified to fit a broader audience that is not as technical as the other. Acceleration pack, you’re for me :)

    Comment by rpg | November 15, 2007

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