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Yeah, I’m Not Here

Just wanted to wish a happy next three days to everyone, since I won’t be here (and if you’ve got a holiday of some sort, happy new year!). I’ve got a few blog posts going live over the next few days, but otherwise expect it to be pretty quiet.

Dear Microsoft,

Please do not release any new products or buy Facebook before Saturday night. That goes for the whole industry, too!

– Nathan

Anyway, I’ll see you guys in a few days. Enjoy the rest of the internet!

Two things: First, this’ll be happening twice more in the next few weeks, and then not again for a while, so if anyone would like to submit an article to run here, please do. Lots of people will get to read your stuff, and you’ll get to pimp your blog/website. Also, for those of you that got to see it, I cut off all my long hair. ALL OF IT. Tamar should be pleased.

Here’s some Microsoft news, courtesy of Findory:

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Awful MS-DOS Upgrade Rap

This video is impossibly terrible. Just, truly, truly awful.

Yeah, rap songs about upgrading to MS-DOS 5 was a great idea.
(via Gizmodo)

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Office Ultimate 2007: Just $60! (for students)

Starting in 59 minutes, 35 seconds, Microsoft will begin offering Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for students for the amazing price of just sixty dollars. This special offer for students only represents a $620 discount off the retail price of $680, a 91% savings.

You get:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Oulook (with Business Contact Manager)
  • Accounting Express
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • Infopath
  • Groove
  • OneNote
  • And some boring business features.

Amazingly, the entire suite will cost less than any single part costs on its own. For example, if you want OneNote (the amazing note-taking application every student should have), you can buy it alone for $80 or get it as part of Ultimate for $60. The promotion starts in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. today, followed by France, Italy and Spain on September 20.

Ultimate is the premier edition of Office 2007, coming with every single feature Office offers (except Communicator). This deal, which they are calling the Ultimate Steal, makes it instantly affordable for any student. The deal lasts through April 30, 2008, so you can take a little time, but go on and get it. You do not want to miss the chance to get this much Office for this low a price.

50 minutes, 34 seconds…
(via Mithund)

Photo by niallkennedy under CC license

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Windows Live Moms Launches


Microsoft’s Windows Live division launched a very different kind of website, a vertical for mothers called Real Live Moms. The site lets moms create a personalized space, discuss issues with other moms, create scrapbook slideshows, blogs, favorites, chat over Live Messenger, find parks, send Hotmail emails within the website, get parenting tips, baby-related Microsoft Gadgets and get special offers just for moms.

It’s really great to see Microsoft pulling a bunch of Live services together to create a unique site like this. Yeah, all those services are strong on their own, but Microsoft’s invested in so much infrastructure that can be tied together and used in interesting ways to reach completely different audiences. I hope verticals like this turn out to be a way for Windows Live to succeed.
(via Mashable)

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Hit With $550 iPhone Bill: Anthony from the Opie & Anthony Show

The stories of people hit with giant phone bills because their iPhone misuses roaming data networks continues to mount, and today’s victim is Anthony from the Opie & Anthony radio show. This morning, the host of the number six national radio show was cursing out Apple and AT&T on 25 stations plus satellite radio, and he gave this eloquent explanation of how no one could have know this was coming:

If one person read their entire phone contract, I will fucking blow you.

I uploaded the entire segment to YouTube:

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