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Home Server Updated, Another One Coming

Microsoft shipped the anticipated first update for Windows Home Server, which enhances the usability, out-of-the-box experience, firewall issues, remote access troubleshooting, help with creating user accounts, and improvements in backing up computers that disconnect from the network. They even removed the need to enter the product key if Home Server shipped with your computer and removed the need for a reboot the first time your restore a single file.

They’re also talking about Update Release 1, the next update for Home Server. They will be alternating major and minor releases, with the current release a major one and URI being a minor one, expected for November. Read more about it from Mary Jo.

The winners of the first Code2Fame contest for Home Server add-ins were announced, with Andrew Grant picking up first prize for Whiist. Whiist lets you put HTML pages on a Home Server and run it remotely as a regular web server, and drop photos into a folder to be able to view them over the internet. Second prize was a service for backing up your Home Server to Amazon S3, and third prize was an add-in that pulls text, audio or video from RSS feeds for sharing to Home Server connected devices.

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