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Two Microsofties Die In Plane Crash

Ralph Abdo, a Microsoft Office program manager, and Bryan Jones, a systems engineer at Windows Live, were identified among the ten victims killed in a plane crash late Sunday near White Pass, Washington. The Cessna 208B was full of skydivers, part of a skydiving weekend. Todd Bishop at the Seattle PI is asking for stories about the victims, if you’d like to share them.

Both Abdo and Jones worked at Microsoft for seven years. Abdo was 27, Jones was 34.

Abdo’s LinkedIn profile says he attended McGill University. He is the owner of a patent for “Provisioning computing services via an on-line networked computing environment”. He posted on Yahoo Groups like this windsurfing one under the name “LetsGoScubaDive“.

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  1. very sad :(

    Comment by anonymous | October 10, 2007

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