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2 Free Days Of Xbox Live From Burger King

IMG_5078Want to enjoy a little Xbox Live (especially if you bought Halo 3 but not Live Gold)? Burger King will email you a code for two free days of Xbox Live Gold if you give them your first born, or at least your email address, birth date, GamerCard and another thing or two. Head over here to get it and enjoy.
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Used To Falcon? Here Comes Jasper 360s

The next generation of Xbox 360 motherboards and chip configurations is being worked on, to follow the current Falcon 65 nanometer CPU and Zephyr motherboard. The new configuration is code-named “Jasper” and will add a 65 nanometer graphics chip to complement the matching CPU, in addition to smaller memory chips, improved reliability, and lower manufacturing costs. Expect to see these next August.

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Christmas Countdown Vista Sidebar Gadget

christmas-sidebar-gadget-countdown.pngIf you’re thinking of nothing but Christmas, install this Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that will count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until midnight Christmas Eve arrives. Enjoy!

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Baidu Beats Microsoft In Worldwide Search Market Share

Comscore released what it is calling the first comprehensive worldwide report on search engine market share, and Microsoft, third place in the U.S., falls to fourth on the world stage behind Chinese powerhouse search engine In fact, Google’s YouTube, if broken out from Google’s own data, would be the third most popular search engine and beat both Baidu and Microsoft, all by itself. That’s disheartening, as is this simple look at things:

Google: 37 billion searches (including YouTube)
Yahoo: 8.5 billion
YouTube: 5 billion
Baidu: 3.2 billion
Microsoft: 2.1 billion.

So, Google beats Microsoft about 17-to-1. Yoiks.
(via Todd Bishop)

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Microsoft Fixes Excel 16-bit Number Bug

Microsoft has issued a bug fix for all versions of Excel 2007, correcting a bug that had the equations with a solution of 65,535 or 65,536 display the solution as 100,000. The reason for the bug is unknown, but undoubtably related to the fact that those numbers are the upper limit of 16-bit integers (presumably, Excel catalogues numbers below that as 16-bit, numbers above as 32-bit, and those numbers were unfortunately on the border).

You can download the update right now, but it will be pushed out through Windows Update pretty soon.

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