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Zune: Just $100

On the fence about the Zune? Well, two places are selling it for such a low price, you may not be able to resist. Right now, woot! has the original 30 gigabyte Zune for merely $100, $150 off the original price, plus five dollars shipping. With the large screen on this thing, its a great deal (price-wise, it compares to an iPod Shuffle, so its really a no-brainer)

woot!’s Zune is refurbished, so if you don’t go with woot!, go with good ol’, which also has it for just $100, and a new unit at that. Not only that, but it’s free shipping, so you really get it at a steal, and new Google Checkout customers walk away with the video/audio player for a miniscule $90. The savings! I can’t take it!

Best price on Amazon is $138.

In other Zune news:

Microsoft tapped Rick Thompson, head of Microsoft’s hardware operations (computer peripherals like mice and keyboards) to be the new second-in-command of the Zune division. Thompson will report to Zune chief J Allard.

The new Zune store, coming with the Zune 2 in weeks, will have 1 million music tracks that will be sold without any copy protection. While there will still be plenty of tracks with DRM, the 1 million tracks is a sizable investment in an open music infrastructure, which is just super.

The new Zunes have been tested for battery life, and they turn out pretty much even to the iPod. Both the hard drive and flash Zunes have the same music battery life as comparable iPod Classics and iPod Nanos (30 hours and 24 hours, repectively), while their video performance is four hours, compared to five hours on the iPod’s smaller screens.

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