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Windows Home Server: Toolkit, Add-ons and On Sale Now

Four Windows Home Server tidbits:

First off, Home Server is on sale right now at OEM resellers, with Newegg selling it for $190. ClubIT has it for $180, ATACOM for $173. If you’ve been looking to build a Home Server, now’s your chance, especially since Microsoft’s hardware partners have been, to say the least, unreliable.

We Got Served has a list of Windows Home Server add-ons, including one that lets you install anything as a service (so it runs without a logged in user), a download manager, a Windows Mobile connecter, a Windows Mobile wifi music streamer, a Recorded TV manager for use with Media Center, and a Tivo connecter, among others.

There’s a new toolkit for Home Server, a console add-in which helps you troubleshoot the server, tweak Remote Access settings, run server storage diagnostics, reset and erase the entire backup database, tweak backup notifications, send log files, run a command prompt, and troubleshoot your connection to the server.

Finally, I’m just about ready to load up my server, with the RAM I’ve been waiting on finally bought last night. I’ve got the RTM software lying on my desk, ready to be installed, and it should be fun reviewing Home Server and seeing what this baby can do. I’m excited at the possibilities.

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