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Sign Up For Windows Live ID on Your Phone

You can now sign up for a Windows Live ID (the account, formerly called a Passport, that lets you use Live services like Hotmail) from your mobile device, bypassing the need to use a computer to do it. That means that if users try to use a Live service from their phone and don’t have a Live ID, there won’t be the annoying barrier of having to wait to get home to actually sign up.

To do so, go to, or just try to use a Live service and click “Get a Windows Live ID”. I just used it to create “”*, and its a two step process. Just enter a Live ID on page one and (assuming its available) enter a password, birth year and four-letter captcha on page two, and you’re done. It’s so much easier on the phone than the computer, you might want to use this method every time!

* – Tell me you got the reference! Jeez, read this.

And feel free to spam that email.

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