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Microsoft Registers Domains For Developer Challenge, VBox, and Xtival

Microsoft never stops registering domains, and the newest ones certainly seem like they could be hinting at plans for the software company. Gary Price has the full list, but the three interesting categories are:

  •,, and associated other domains – Microsoft could be preparing another one of its contests for developers, web developers, people who just love or hate websites, or all of them. Microsoft runs enough challenges, and these domains are too specific, that you can be sure there’s something in the works.
  • Eight different vboxint and vboxprod domains – What the hell is VBox? I’m throwing a wild guess as to something video production related.
  •, and three others – An Xbox festival? If so, it’ll be tough holding X-Tival 07 with only two months left.

Plus, there’s and a bunch more.

November 1st, 2007 Posted by | Xbox | one comment

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