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Zune 8-Gig Disassembled Live

Rapid Repair, a company that fixes iPods and Zunes with 24-48 hour turnarounds (for when you need it fixed and back in your hands right now) is disassembling an 8-gigabyte Zune right now on their website. No streaming video, but they are posting pictures and text at every step of the way. Head to their website to see the whole process, which is descriptive enough that you can use it as a guide for taking apart your own Zune.

I spoke with a rep from the company, and they told me that the average minor repair runs $35, with a major repair usually running $90. Considering that repairs from Apple and Microsoft can run pretty expensive anyway, and you get the unit back in a day or two, it seems like a good deal. If you’ve had experience with Rapid Repair, feel free to talk about it in the comments.

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With This Gravity Hammer, I Thee Wed…


Proposing marriage is hard. I mean, it’s been done to death for so many years and by so many people, and you want to be original and romantic, that deciding on a method of proposing can be tough. One Halo 3 player decided that the best way to do so with his girlfriend of two years, also a Halo player, was to propose in the game itself.

Thanks to the Forge map editor, you can place objects on a map and then hold matches in your custom map. Moviesign set up a large weapons cache in the shape of “MARRY ME?” and led girlfriend furtive penguin to the spot, promising a powerful weapon was waiting there. Oh, there were weapons, but I think she was more than a bit surprised.

Read more about it at, via Joystiq.

Me and the missus, we dated for over four years, so I proposed to her in a more traditional romantic way, showing up at her doorstep with flowers, champagne and the ring. I figured that she had been waiting so long that if I surprised her, she might have a heart attack, and I think I was right, since even as is she was overwhelmed. Guess I picked the right gal.

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