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Rock Band Hits Store Shelves

Rock Band went on sale at midnight this morning, with midnight events all over the country. In West Hollywood, they had Hellanor Brozevelt performing at Best Buy, while the New York launch was at the MTV Store. Looks like the game is dissapearing fast from store shelves, though Amazon still has the PS3 bundle (they are sold out of the Xbox 360 bundle), while Best Buy is sold out of the Xbox 360 bundle and the PS3 bundle.

While you wait to get the game, watch this video from MTV of one woman trying to play all four instruments (2 guitars!) by herself:

The crazy thing about the one-man/woman Rock Band? Eventually, someone will pull it off right.

Joystiq aggregates all the reviews for you, and seperately they even aggregate the negative reviews of the game. The consensus seems to be that the game is definitely a hit, but certain missing features (one of which is coming in a patch soon) hurt the game. The main thing to remember: This game is only fun played with friends, so don’t get it if you’re a loner. Guitar Hero might be more for you.

Looks like I’ve got a decent shot at getting Rock Band. Referral income is $88 so far, a little more than half the way to getting the bundle. If you are going to buy the game or accessories for it (or Guitar Hero), be sure to use this page to start your order.

Maybe I’ll head down to Best Buy to demo the game. My wife is getting really excited about getting it. Looks like we’ll be fighting over the drums.

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