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Microsoft Discusses Open Source And Linux

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Microsoft Compares Windows And Linux
Operating Systems
Linux Business

Posted by timothy on Wednesday December 29, @08:46AM
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Halcyon-X writes “Microsoft is hosting a discussion on Windows and Linux between its two top Linux consultants. Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf talk about the various OSS licenses, focus on the open source development model, competing implementations of administration tools, TCO, and risk assessment. Also available in offline formats, doc (which looks fine in and wma as well.”

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Upcoming Microsoft AntiSpyware Gets Good Marks

Spyware Warrior has a comparison/analysis of all the major spyware detecting and removal products on the market. The feature comparison list reveals that GIANT AntiSpyware, which will be the basis for Microsoft AntiSpyware coming next month, has almost every feature that all the other programs on the market have, exc ept the ability to scan a system on boot, and support older versions of Windows. As for how effective it is, the analysis portion of the review begins with:

Although all of the programs listed on this page are worthy of consideration, at present time we officially recommend the following:

GIANT AntiSpyware
(Note: temporarily unavailable)
Pest Patrol
Spybot Search & Destroy
Webroot Spy Sweeper

Looks to me like we’ll be getting a quality product next month.
(via Craig Newmark)

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Only Eleven Days Left To Collect From Microsoft

Did you live in California between 1995 and 2001? If so, you are entitled to vouchers for free Microsoft software. A settlement MS made with the state of California gives California consumers and companies the ability to get free stuff from Microsoft, but the filing deadline is January 8, and only one million of 14 million potential claims have been filed. While companies need to go through a complicated procedure, individuals only need to go to this website and fill out a form to claim up to five eligible purchases. There’s no reason not to do it, so if you live or lived on the Left Coast, what’s taking you so long?

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