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Bill Gates And Conan Yuck It Up At CES

Bill Gates sat down with late night talk show host Conan O’Brien at the Internation Consumer Electronics Show for an unusual keynote address. The two sat down at a rough interpretation of Conan’s Late Night NBC set and discussed Windows Media.

The highlight of the keynote was, as usual, the technical glitches. A short bit where photos were shows that ended with Bill Gates waking up in a cheap motel room with an iMac laptop (don’t ask) wound up being pushed twenty minutes late because the Media Center PC froze wouldn’t respond to the remote.

Later, as a product manager attempted to display some car customization options for the new XBox racing game, Forza Motorsport (due in April), that computer crashed to a blue screen, forcing the PM to admit that, in testing, that was the most boring part of the presentation anyway.

Still, the demo was informative, similar to the one I saw Intel’s CEO gave at Digital Life back in October (minus the technical errors), and a lot more fun, with Conan being his usual funny self, stealing all the demo products whenever Gates put them down and stashing them in his jacket pocket.

You can watch a video of the keynote, thanks to Microsoft At Home’s website, which has both a 100k and 300k version of the video.

Quote from Seattle PI (which also notes that a transcript is available here):

“I don’t know who’s running things here,” O’Brien joked when the remote control wouldn’t work. “Who’s in charge of Microsoft?” he asked, looking at Gates. “Oh.”

Also: AP Story

UPDATE: Sean Alexander of the Media Center team explains all the technical glitches at his blog. A fun and interesting post.
(via Slashdot)

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