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Horrible Scandal Kills My Career

I’m not sure I can continue blogging (or even working within the North American continent). Apparently, MSN Search discovered some horrifying and embaressing sites with my name all over them. Someone forwarded me this search for “Nathan Weinberg” on MSN Search. The MSN Search spiders are so powerful, they are detecting things I thought would be buried forever. You might want to run a search on your own name to make sure you are safe.
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April 1st, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Humor, Search, MSN, General | 3 comments

Microsoft Reinvents Software Development

The most surprising and revolutionary Microsoft product ever was revealed to the public today, and its not Longhorn, or any mega-millions software product. Its Neutrino, a new tool that is essentially a marketing > engineering & engineering > marketing conversion system. Neutrino works for either software developers or software marketing departments.

Developers who need to produce presentations for marketing (or for the general public, if their company is too small to have a marketing department), can use Neutrino to do the work for them. Neutrino indexes the code in the program and generates a PowerPoint presentation extolling its virtues. The program is versatile enough to create presentations for many different audiences.

Marketing departments now no longer need to deal with pesky software engineers. If the bosses need a program written, they can go into PowerPoint, create a presentation that extolls the virtues of the non-created product, then run the presentation through Neutrino. As impossibly as it sounds, Neutrino actually writes the code for them, eliminating the need for coders at all.

Channel 9 has a video of Neutrino in progress. It is clear that it will revolutinize the software industry. Microsoft plans to license it to all companies at nominal rates, except for companies whose names start with “G” and have two “O”s.

UPDATE: Word is now spreading that the developers of Neutrino, Peter McKiernan and James Tinsdale, have been brutally murdered by a legion of software developers, fearful of being made obsolete. Their computers were stolen, and this great program may never be released.

UPDATE 2: In an odd twist of fate, murder has brought rival companies together. A new sense of togetherness is forming, as companies agree to develop products in tandem, sharing everything. As a results, the next computer you buy will have MacinWindows OSXP as its operating system, your browser will be known as Firefox Explorer, and the default search engine will be MSN Yahoogle Search. For some reason, the Linux guys are staying out of this one.
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April 1st, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Open Source, Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Linux, Humor, MSN, Search, Windows, Longhorn, General | no comments