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Microsoft Readying Educational Bundle

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft is releasing a beta this week of Microsoft Student 2006, an educational software bundle designed to expand Encarta into an even more useful product. Student 2006 is an add-on to Office, and will include:

  • Encarta Premium 2006
  • Graphing Calculator, which solves algebra, statistics and graphing equations
  • Online Math Homework Help, a program that allows students to find online textbook pages and problem numbers, as well as to view the impact of changing variables
  • Learning Essentials, technology co-developed by the Educational Products and Office groups, which aims to provide quick access to Microsoft Office homework templates developed jointly by Microsoft and Pearson Education, SchoolKiT International and Houghton Mifflin Co.
  • Web Companion, an applet that provides relevant encyclopedia content based on web searches
  • Dynamic World Atlas
  • Thesaurus
  • Chart Maker
  • Dictionary

I suspect that any integration with Office doesn’t work with Microsoft Works, which far more families use. Hopefully, the bundle will work without Office, or at least without specifically Office, since that would lock out a lot of consumers. Second, I would recommend adding OneNote to the bundle. It is a spectacular product, one I love using, and one that is hugely popular among the few students that I’ve noticed have actually been exposed to it. It deserves to be distributed more widely.

Oh, and I would love to be in the beta…

May 7th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | OneNote, Applications, General | 2 comments

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